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Alliance Lore help

After bleeding red pretty much since Vanilla, I've decided to take one of my characters over to A-side to check out the RP to be had over there. I've got a basic character idea and a bit of personality, but I'm getting hung up on details:

1. I'm told that humans have SI:7 for their scouts and spies. How... speshul snowflake is it to say that my character works/worked for them?
2. Hunter pets, for humans. Wouldn't they be more of a... Oh, like trained wolfhounds, rather than sharing that supposedly magic link that I think I read somewhere as Elves having with their pets? (I honestly don't recall where I read this; it may have even been somebody's headcannon.)
3. Assume that she was born in Stromgarde and was ~ 10-12 when it fell. My current thought is that her family escaped. Her father went to Refuge Pointe to assist the fight. She and her mother (/younger brother?) went to Menethil. Have not currently decided whether or not the family survived the Cataclysm; I like being terrible to my characters.

On RP and eyepatches

Got about a half hour nap before I woke up and now I can't get back to sleep. My brain's running around in circles, thinking mostly about my character backgrounds and such. So now I'm musing, and sorta rambling, and wouldn't mind some input if people have it.

I'm going to put it behind a cut, just in case this contains triggers for people with a phobia to, or people who have survived, fire.

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Bloodfang RP?

So a friend and I recently rolled worgen DKs over on Earthen Ring, and of course wanted to RP them. I've never actually played one out before, and we were thinking of sticking with the idea of playing them out as Bloodfangs, considering the background they give in the starting zone.

Now, since we've never RPed worgen deekays before (well technically he does, but he race changed to a worgen), we got to thinking (I'm not even sure if we were on the right track with this, so if not, it'd be great if we can correct it XD ). But anyway, we were both under the impression that since they weren't in Gilneas during the Sundering and all that, that they never drank from the wells, and would still (at least mostly) be feral.

Are we correct in this, or did I miss somewhere where they explained otherwise? I'm honestly not sure, since some of the Gilnean lore is still sketchy for me.

Thanks for the help!
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My main spec is panda bending.

So, now that Mists of Pandaria is on the way and I'm in the beta and messing around, my dreams of playing a big bouncy panda lass are coming true. Not only that, but between the shaman and monk classes for pandaren, my silly but fun dreams of playing a water/earth/fire/air bender ala Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra in WoW are finally taking shape as well!

…Unfortunately, I am running into a slight hitch when it comes to that. See, I'm having a hard time deciding which class I like better for that concept. Shaman obviously have the elemental abilities, and arguably some of the spiritual side as well. BUT, monks have some great animations, the martial arts, some element themed abilities…And, well, they're really really fun to play as.

I am so conflicted, WoW_Ladies, in true first world problems fashion! I don't know which class I like best when it comes to "yes, I have a talent for working with the raw elements in a cool kung-fu fashion" RP concepts. (Well, let's pretend for a moment that this is an RP concept with some degree of merit.) Is anyone else tinkering with some similar ideas, or has any thoughts? I am keeping a shaman and a monk for this character both active on the beta right now, so I can keep playing and gauging, but I figured I could get some input, too.

Also, does anyone happen know any casual/social/RP guilds on the Hamuul server that I might be able to chill with while I level and explore?
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Looking for Guild and Help! :)

Just started playing on WrA as a way to hopefully push back my general blahness with the game. I've downloaded Total RP 2. I'm going through and reading everything, but it's fairly late here and I'm just not getting it. Does anyone have any tips/tricks for using the add on? What can you not live without? Also, being new to the server and RPing in game I would like to find a guild that is ok with stops/starts/general noobishness. :) If everything goes well I'll be moving my 85 mage to the server. Any other tips/tricks would be awesome as well. Thanks! :D

Rolling (A) and thinking of blogging road to Loremaster

I'm a long time lurker. I love the insight and info on this community! I recently encountered the fantastic Travels through Azeroth blog and was inspired to try something similar of my own (although I am sure it will utterly fail in comparision). I have recently decided to roll an Alliance character for the first time and thought I would tell the story through the eyes of a Gilnean wandering priest.

My knowledge of lore is fair, but I know nothing about Alliance side nor actual timelines. I was hoping someone here could take a look at my rough ideas and give me any feedback on the dates and background to make sure it is plausible.


  • Approx. 30 years old (born year 9?)
  • Family from Keel Harbor- Youngest son of a minor noble family 
  • Led a rebellious childhood, father made join priesthood at 16
  • Supporter of Greymane until realized poverty of refuges outside of wall and started sneaking supplies and arms.
  • Believes wogen curse is due to the way Greymane and Gilinaes turned back on citizens and world at large
  • After leaving Gilinaes became wandering priest preaching the light and trying to find redemption


Father: Minor noble, part of Greymane’s court - Died during Gilineas Civil War

Mother: Died when narrator was around 16

Oldest brother: Inherited land, died defending during Foresaken invasion

Middle Brother: Joined Scarlet Crusade during Scourge Invasion. Status unknown. Always estranged from Narrator.

Youngest sister: Married into noble family. Last seen in Darnassus with refugees. Status unknown. 

Any feedback on that would be greatly appreciated. Also, if I understand the timeline, Greymane’s Wall would have been built in year 20 and now it is year 39 or 40? Does anyone know the length of time the Worgen starting area is supposed to span? Any other tidbits of info would be greatly appreciated. 

And on a completely different note, can anyone recommend a server that has an active Alliance community that could help with any questions that may arise? PVP would be great....

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Rogue Succubus

Hello all Ladies and Lurkents. I have a little lore discussion going on in my head.

Yesterday, my normally so stern and self-caring little Sin'Dorei got seduced in the Wayfarer's Inn by a just as pretty little rogue. However, when said rogue kidnapped her to a dungeon; namely the tortureplace in SM:A, it came forth that it wasn't a rogue, but a disguised succubus.

A player who is a succubus isn't really intimidating in my mind, I find it to be a very interesting story to be honest. A little Mary Sue to it, perhaps, since Succubus isn't a playable race, but what do you ladies think of it? She obviously had a pretty tragic background, being a Sin'dorei who got seduced herself and later transformed to a succubus. So, Ladies, give me your opinions on this interesting woman.

And, I also have some problems myself. Firstly, my little girl is outwardly very self-consistent. Basically she fights to the end, if she knows that the end will be to her favor. If in a battle where she is convinced that it's lost before started, she usually stands in the back and retreats before the enemy gets to her, to be able to assure her own; and her beloved pets', survival. Once defeated however, she is the most obedient captitive or slave you can possibly imagine. Should she want to meet this Succubus again, who she very quickly submitted to, or would she perhaps avoid Wayfarer's for a while and be uncertain of how to proceed in this slave-like submission? Or should she be her normal self and decide to meet said Succubus again to prove who is really the High Bitch in Charge? I haven't RP'd with her a lot, and I'm kind of uncertain.

Secondly. I'm considering rolling a Shaman, for the Wolf. If I do, what would be the best race; on Hordeside; and do anyone have an idea for a good story?

Thanks all! Mods; sorry for not putting in a cut, but I'm terrible at formatting.
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Silvermoon Politics

Good morning afternoon all!

I need your help, lore enthusiasts. I am trying to spin a plot for my friends and there is just... a staggering amount of lore out there, but none of it is organised very well, I'm afraid. It's really intimidating to try to go through and I'm not sure what is no longer canon, what is fanfic, what has been contradicted... I'd really like to be as lore-compliant as possible but after having read forums and wiki'd my brains out today, this is me:

What I'm aiming for is a Game of Thrones-esque plot, full of intruige and espionage, murder and political mayhem. My antagonist for this plot are two NPCs I've created, a wealthy magister and his sister, both older and ill-content with Lor'themar's leadership. A friend suggested having them being Sunstrider Loyalists, but... there is the small problem of the Big Prince K being dead and all. (He is dead, right? >.>) I'm uncertain of how a Sunstrider Loyalist would even be a Loyalist if the person he was loyal to is pushing up pansies. 

Our current player characters so far are the magister's daughter (who is unaware of her father's secret political agenda), a rogue and mage currently involved in a con to scam said daughter out of her family inheritance and an obsessive Blood Knight who has cottoned on to a few rumors about this family and is bound and determined to out them, even if he has to 'find' some evidence.

My problem is this. I'm not really sure where to go from there. I'm not on even footing with my knowledge of Silvermoon's past or current politics and what's more, I'm not even sure where there is solid, concise, organized information. One person tells me to read this or that book and the next person I ask says, oh heaven's no, that book is wildly inaccurate.

If our lore-enthusiasts could point me in the right direction, or provide suggestions for how I might have my magister cause trouble, I would definitely appreciate it. Don't worry, I do not intend to over-reach in my plot, claim that we overthrew Lor'themar in the end or anything even remotely that obnoxious. I'd just like to narrow down my plot, provide some intruige and mayhem for the players to muck about with, all while staying reasonably within the constricts of the game.

Thank you in advance!!

RP on Saurfang (EU) - advice needed

Who says you gotta be in an RP server to do RP? ;)

Ok, after great inspiration from Ruthhall and her post about G.U.E.S.S. I decided to organize my own G.U.E.S.S. event in Saurfang (EU). At first almost nobody signed up, but actually, while announcing on the day itself of the event, I managed to get the word out and we were 6 little Gnomes at the meeting. And had tons of fun!

I've always wanted to do some RP but never really dared to roll a char on an RP server since I'm such a noob ;)
Still, I love stories and theater, so I've always been interested in RP

After the very nice G.U.E.S.S. meeting I decided to put up a community for it, with a lot of inspiration from the Cenarion Circle RP community (I hope this is ok Ruth). I hope to get more people involved in it and make an even bigger G.U.E.S.S. event in the future.

If you are interested in RP and you are in Saurfang I encourage you to join us, we need all the support we can get :D
Advice on the community and my char's story is greatly appreciated, as said, I'm very new to all this!

G.U.E.S.S. Saurfang communty

Here is my chars background story:
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