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[A-Stormrage] Premium Café Recruiting

Who Are We?
Premium Café is a brand new guild looking to recruit active, mature, respectable and talented members for our progression teams. We see the launch of the new expansion as a perfect time to recruit players who fit our credentials and are looking to spearhead a competitive team-based environment in WoD. Our first goal is to piece together a guild environment where all members and visitors feel at home, comfortable and challenged. With the assistance of all who may be interested in joining and our current leaders, we promise that you will not regret being a part of our community that aims to potentially develop into a family of players who are passionate about gaming, challenging themselves and others, consistently aiming to improve and hopefully make way for treasured memories that will be cherished.

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[H-Wyrmrest Accord] Radio Free Azeroth is recruiting!

Radio Free Azeroth is recruiting! We are a casual raiding and social guild on Wyrmrest Accord-US, Horde-side. We're looking for people who enjoy all aspects of the World of Warcraft; our guild is our family, and we want you to be a part of it! We encourage guild interaction through a mix of scheduled events and pick-up play, which can include anything from guild raids of old content for achievements and transmoggable armor to smashing faces in arena PVP. Miss that green text keeping things interesting in your chat box? Read on!

Currently, we have one raid team progressing through the Siege of Orgrimmar normal mode two days a week and we are 8/14. We're a "casual hardcore" raiding group. We expect you to show up on time, fully gemmed and enchanted, with some vague idea of the fight mechanics. We also expect some members to show up a bit tipsy. We expect still others to show up without pants. But either way, we want our raiders to be eager to work as a team, be willing to take and give constructive criticism, and keep things fun, friendly, and focused on the goals. Many of us have busy lives outside of the game, and those real lives come first. But if you are in the raid group, we want you to be present, frisky, and full of mana... or rage... or focus... or whatever. Just be full of it, not yourself. We hope to clear normal in the next few weeks in anticipation of WoD.

As we progress forward into WoD, there are plenty of opportunities for non-core raiders to get in on Flex runs and T14/T15 heroic content during the week. Outside of raiding, we have regular social and casual guild events, such as old-content transmog runs, PvP nights, dueling events, and social games like lawn darts and trivia. While we are not an RP guild, some of our members are interested in RP. Ultimately, we hope to foster an open-minded environment where you can log on to find friends who will make Azeroth that much more enjoyable.

Our membership tends towards the older (18+), so we are friendly to folks with jobs and kids and mortgages, but those things are not a requirement. Age is a number and we're not that great at math.

You can find our guild forum/app/website at http://radiofreeazeroth.enjin.com/recruitment. If you are interested in joining up, please read our Charter and fill out our brief application. You may also contact any member of the guild through in-game chat. They can direct you to one of our wonderful, awesome, talented, generous, and all-around fantastic guild Officers if you have questions. We are extremely alt friendly (just ask one of each of our Officer's 10 or so alts!)

TL;DR: Come be part of the Broadcast. Join Radio Free Azeroth. We have cookies.

Tips on guild recruitment?

I'm in a guild that was formed a month or so ago with a few people I met through pugging normal Siege runs. We are currently looking for a tank in order to have a complete, 10 man core team. The GM has asked me and a few other raiders to advertise but where should I start? I have a macro that I'll post to trade chat every now and then with the basic info and have spoken to a few people, but they weren't right for the guild. I feel like there must be more to guild recruitment than spamming trade chat!

I've spoken to a few potential tanks on teamspeak but I find it kinda awkward - I'll explain what we're doing as a guild, what we're looking for, and our plans for WoD. Is there anything else I should discuss? We have an ~application~ on our website but it's really so the GM can check them out and it's nothing too serious.

Does anyone have any tips they could share? I must say I am quite new to recruiting so hopefully you can help me out!

(Also, for what it's worth, if there's any tanks on EU-Silvermoon looking for a guild, maybe we'd be suitable! We're currently 13/14 normal as a guild (some of us have 14/14) and we're going to clear normal and progress on a few HC bosses before MoP ends. We are looking for a tank with similar exp - 13/14 normal, but we would probably be okay with lowering that a little for the right person - with an ilvl of around 555. We are in the middle of adjusting raid times but as it stands, we'll be raiding Monday and Wednesday 7.30pm-10.30pm, and either Saturday or Sunday 6.30pm-9.30pm (server time). Our guild consists of real life friends, family members (a lot of our members are parents) and a few people we've got to know in-game. Depending on people's availability, we will also run old raids and dungeons too. If there's anything else you want to know, please comment and ask!)
Iris #1

Looking for a bit of friendly advice

So, my once full and thriving guild has slowly been brought down to only 2-3 people who log in once in awhile besides my fiance and myself, and since I'm tired of looking at a guild roster full of, essentially, "dead bodies" I'm trying to decide what to do.

Option A:

Kick all the dead weight and carry on in the current guild. I'm Guild Master, so this would be incredibly easy to do, but it feels like it might be a little bit of a jerk move even though they have all moved on to "bigger and better" things and don't seem to have time to even acknowledge us via whispers anymore.

Option B:

Dump the GM position onto one of the "dead bodies" and toddle along to start our own guild fresh from level one. This option isn't all that appealing because it is a level 25 guild, most of that work having been done by 3 of the current members (myself, my fiance and our buddy whom we've known since we started playing the game), all the gold in the guild bank has been deposited by myself or my fiance (for the most part) and all the items in the guild bank were deposited by us (most everyone who left the guild took what they had contributed/wanted from the guild bank before they left behind an unwanted, unused alt to "keep in touch")

Option C:

Dump the GM position onto one of my low level alts and take my higher level characters elsewhere, whether it be to an already established guild or starting over in our own guild with a select few people who actually remember that we are friends.

Yes, I know this sounds very bitter, but I'm fed up. I used to rely on these people to keep me sane, we were very close friends, and now they've all just...disappeared. So, ladies, what would you do? Which option do you think sounds the least jerkish at this point? We've been in this situation for well over three months now, it's time for something to change. I can't take it anymore.
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Guild Charter - Kirin Tor US Alliance

I am creating a guild to use as overflow for our guilds bank and could use some help getting it started.

Server: Kirin Tor
Faction: Alliance

I am standing in front of the bank in the trade district of stormwind. Level 10 warrior named Cybille. If you don't see me, whisper me. I might be chasing down a friends alt.

Need 3
Need 2
Need 1

Friends and guild members came together and helped me get it going so I'm all good :)

Looking to start an all girl guild

Hello I've been wanting to start an all girl guild for a while now
I'm currently on the server US-Sargeras, I'm not sure if my server has any yet I think there was one but it died slowly of course because everyone who started to join wasn't a female lol

So I want to get one going, I already have a guild. I'm just not sure how to get it going so that I can get the attention of other girls. I'd need a few officers to help out so I can get things rolling

Any help, advice, anyone on the server who might want to help out

-Thank you :)

Looking for active FUN people--(H) Nesingwary

fIt has been awhile since last I posted looking for members.  We finally made it to level 3, I achieved exalted status with my guild (YAY!) and I figured out how to battle pets.  We even got our sister guild, Alliance-side (Thank you)  But our bank is still stuffed, and there's nobody to do 5-mans with.  So I thought I would try again.

The House of the Night is a friendly, supportive Hordeside guild on Nesingwary, currently lookiing for someone to have fun with us.  If you can give as well as you receive, and can laugh at your mistakes, please consider joining us.  Goofy humor and crafts/professions a huge plus.  We have Mumble and 5 bank tabs of stuff that needs to be used.

This coming year's goal is ICC or Bust!  Come help us make it true!  :D

In retrospect: Now, I realize that ICC is a bit, shall we say, dated?  Blame me, I never got to do the Lich King, and I still want to!

I'm not particular about any race, level or class, I just want people to be with, laugh with, and have fun with.  Questing, grinding, raiding and good times.  Could the person I'm looking for be you?

Further note:  We have just achieved level 6, and are heading for level 7 fast.  Still looking for quality mature people who want to have fun.

Advice required: All your alts are belong to us

I have been looking into finding a new guild coming into Mists of Pandaria. majority of main players from my current guild have left and I find myself wanting to find a more social guild rather then the "everyone logs in to raid/do heroics/grind and little else guild that I am in now. While I have played with these people for quite a few years, and most of them are RL friends, they are not the most sociable of guildies.

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Edit: Thanks for all the advice everyone! It threw me because I saw several guilds (and they were long established guilds which have been around for 4+ years) with this policy and having never seen it before so I thought I would check if it was becoming the norm. Maybe I will just wait until Mists hits and start again then - there are too many guilds looking for raiders at the moment to be able to easily filter the social/casuals out.
  • elinea

Game in a game in a game

What kinds of fun games do you play in your guild?

I've seen Lawn Darts (<3!) and scavenger hunts and level 1 races. What games do you love playing?

I really want to do something along the lines of a 'getting to know you' sort of game at our next guild meeting, but I'm at a loss.