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computer update

I posted back in December about trouble with WoW on my desktop (here is the post). I bought RAM for it, but I still have trouble playing, aside from the fact that our internet goes up and down when it shouldn't. I talked to a computer guy and showed him the complete specs for my computer to see if I could upgrade the graphics card, which seems to be the biggest problem. He said there isn't a way to do it with my computer because it's missing the port I would need for it. So I'd have to buy a completely new desktop which I don't have the money for and this one isn't that old anyway. I also have a laptop that needs work, so while he was looking at it, I asked him about the possibility of building a desktop that could run WoW (he either plays it himself or has played it in the past, because he talked about what I could and couldn't do with the current graphics card) and he said that we could probably keep the motherboard and the memory, but essentially replace everything else for around $400. I can't really spend that kind of money right now. So, I was wondering if it'd be worth to build a WoW-compatible system or if I'd be better off looking for a ready-made system that could run WoW?

The specs for my computer, though I doubled the RAM. That's the only modification. I'm not sure that I remembered his suggestions clearly. I'll talk to him again when I pick up my laptop.

All'a you druids out there . . .

Am I overlooking something, or does the bear form (lvl 86) not have a finishing move? I'm a cat (feral) most of the time, but when I get ganged up on, miss bear takes her turn and builds up those red dots . . . and I can't find a finishing move in my . . . ummm . . spellbook or whatever it's called.

Am I just a dumb bear, or did Blizzard leave us out - again?
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Elitist Jerks?

Hello, all!

I recently came back to WoW after a hiatus lasting nearly a year. I decided the best thing to do to relight my spark for WoW would be to drop healing for the moment, which was a role I previously did exclusively, and pick up a warlock. However, the go-to site for end game information and help with glyphs, specs, etc, that is: Elitist Jerks, seems to be, for a lack of a better word, dead? The latest information for warlocks, for example, is rather outdated and there haven't been new posts in that category since last year. (Given that last year was technically not even two weeks ago this sounds odd - I know, but I mean posts from October, etc).

Does anyone know where a person goes to now to find information like that? A website for builds, glyphs, talents, whatever for end game PvE content?

Thank you muchly for the help - it's good to be back on WoW again. :)
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Update to my post a couple of days ago

This is a small update to this post

The next morning before I got online one of the weird name toons, Qllss or something like that, asked one of our newer members for an invite. After getting it they turned around and invited Gimbor right away. My mother/Co Gm turned around and removed them from the guild. She did whisper them and said if they talked to her they would be allowed back in. Nothing. No comment back to what was up or anything. The rest of the day from time to time my mother did 'redid' the message of the day without changing the wording so people would see it and not reinvite. Plus when I got online she told me about it on mumble while another officer told me about it on game lol.

Since mid-LK I've been at least an officer in the guild and this is the first problem we've had that could be related to inviting. People that have joined and found we weren't the guild for this have left quietly. Since we haven't had any drama I think I personally want to keep our invitation policy the same.

Thanks to everyone that gave advise and opinions. It was really helpful:)
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Suspicious guildmates

On december 21st a new person joined my guild, a dwarven hunter by the toon name Gimbor. Many days after that they logged on the toon and invited a human priest with names like Rrbbqq or Sllgg. Not one of these toons ever leveled and all were level one. Tonight me and other officers decided they were just too suspicious and decided to kick them out of the guild. We also put a message of the day asking our members not to reinvite them.

This is the first time I know of that we've kicked anyone for anything other then not logging in on a toon for more then 3 or 4 months. I feel we did the right thing but feel I'm not sure why. They might have been gold farmers. Our rules are people stay at the entry level rank until they've been in the guild for a month. During that time they have no access to the bank.

Still it felt weird somehow.
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Computer upgrade?

I've been having issues with WoW randomly freezing up on me. It pauses when I change zones (except in Pandaria, so I'm assuming it's when I change servers) and it doesn't like Shattrath. My sister suggested that I need more ram or something. Considering she doesn't have the same problem as me, that could be the problem. According to the control panel on my computer, I have 4 GB of ram installed (3.6 of which is usable) and the processor is AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.30 GHz and I'm not sure where to figure out what my graphics card is. I think it's this: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics. Anyway, my question is whether I can get away with simply upgrading parts instead of buying a new computer. Thank you!
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Alliance or Horde?

Hello ladies!

I need a little help deciding whether to go Horde or stay Alliance.

I'm familiar and comfortable with the Alliance because I've been Alliance ever since I've started playing. However, I'm interested in playing Horde and I don't really like the whole Alliance = Justice thing.

I plan on doing a faction change as I'm sick of levelling.

Also, if anyone can give any suggestions on balanced or Horde--dominated servers that are active, mostly friendly and have a good economy in case I DO go Horde, that'd be great.
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Currently adrift

I'm in a situation that I haven't found a solution for yet, and I'm hoping "talking it out" will help me, so here goes. My guild is dead. No drama, just a combination of real life kicking in and people moving over to the other faction. It got to the point where I'd log in and do my own thing in an empty guild for hours, and if someone did log on, it was just long enough to run LFR and then they left. I'm sad and mourning a loss, especially since I've been playing with the same group of people for several years. Now I'm not sure what to do. As I see it, I have a few options.

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