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Reminder: Images Outside of LJ Cuts

Happy Thursday, WoW Ladies! Since there were an unusual amount of posts that weren't following this guideline, I wanted to toss up a reminder that we have a maximum image size that can be displayed outside on an LJ cut on your entries showing off your awesome goodies.

Use LJ cuts Please use cuts on screenshots larger than 500 pixels wide, something that might not be safe for work, and on spoilers. <lj-cut> YOUR CONTENT HERE </lj-cut>

Thanks for your cooperation and please continue to remain adorable.

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Please excuse the mess!

The tag overhaul has begun! Within the next few hours, the tagging of posts by members will reopen and we can begin using the new organization system. If you feel we have missed any relevant tags, please use the You Missed a Tag! post on the mod community.

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MOD NOTE: The silly tags will remain intact through this culling, have no fear! Thanks for your patience, happy Friday! ♥

ETA: Member tagging privileges restored! It would be a huge favor to us if you were to retag your own posts. That link says noabsolutes so just replace her username in the URL with your own. You would be helping us so much as we get settled with new tags. Thank you all!

Promotions in WoW Ladies and You.

We have been having a lot of issues lately with our once weekly promotional post rule and how it's followed in WoW Ladies. This rule was brought to the table at the request of many members who wanted to cull the frequency of advertisements. However, the amount of reminders and deletions we've had to enact over the last month has gotten to be a bit excessive. Thanks to a suggestion, I have further clarified the rule in the userinfo to specify that the rule is a cooldown, and not once per calender week ban.

Limit promotions to once weekly. -Posting of fan art, fan fiction, guild recruitment and blogs is considered promotional. Think of this as a one week cooldown. This rule is still in effect if no money is exchanged between members.

In an effort to better address the needs of the community, we are also always open to feedback regarding how rules and guidelines operate. You don't have to wait for mod posts calling for it or Community Feedback Tuesdays, our inbox and Page-A-Mod are always open! If we ever feel as a community that we have outgrown a rule, we're always happy to address it with you all. Thank you guys!

P.S. Apply to be a maintainer of WoW Ladies or volunteer for Cataclysm temporary post queue moderator!


Today's Feedback Tuesday is a much lighter topic than we've been addressing lately. The moderation team is looking to finally going to overhaul the current tag system and we'd love your help! We have a pretty good sized list so far but we want to make sure the list is as comprehensive as possible. Please feel free to browse the proposed tags and suggest any changes or additions you think we need. For example, do we really need a silly! and a funny!? Your thoughts are always awesome and you guys always think of things we don't.

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But that's not all! The WoW Ladies Moderation Team is looking to expand. You can visit our application post here and apply through a screened comment. There is no deadline, but due to the volume of responses we receive, we won't be able to respond to each application individually. Anyone interested in helping with the Cataclysm post moderation queue as a temporary mod (not maintainer) does not need to fill out an application. Just comment on the application post to let us know you're interested!

Happy Tuesday! Your feedback is appreciated as always. If you have any other issues you'd like to us to address, you can use this post, Page-A-Mod, or wowladiesmods@gmail.com.

Blizzcon Day 1 - WoW Ladies Linkroll!

Day 1 is winding down! I hope everyone had a good time, be it in person or with the stream. Here are a few notable posts that went up today, some about Blizzcon events and some not! If there are any posts that you feel should be included in this list, please feel free to leave a comment.

Lore Panel Discussion
World of Whelpcraft wins fanart contest!
Baby Moonkin Hatchlings
Pumpkin Patterns
Blizzcon "Deathy" Murloc Pet


Dear user kryptongirl,

Thank you for your inquiry, and I apologize for the delay in providing you with a response. The type of icon or layout design selling activity that you describe is allowed by LiveJournal's policies.

LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team

All previous icon creating and selling may resume as normal, thank you all for your patience and understanding while we sorted this out!

Community Feedback Tuesday

In light of recent events and issues concerning the moderation and implementation of the Anti-Oppression Policy, we would appreciate any and all comments regarding how issues are being handled. As with all new policy, we have ideas on how we will approach things and they always look great on paper, but down the line we need to reassess and address any problems that come up and make sure the community is part of the process. Comments are screened and will not receive replies to protect your privacy. Interested parties may also comment anonymously to wowladiesmods in this post or may e-mail us directly at wowladiesmods@gmail.com. Thank you!

Strike Throughs

When a post has been resolved, like a technical help post or a guild signature request, please do not strike-out the entry and leave it up in the community. Queries that have been answered are a good resource for members who are browsing through our tags for solutions to their problems; a wall of line-though text is just hard to read. A bolded note at the bottom that you no longer need assistance will suffice once you have received the information you needed. Guild signatures are often deleted upon their completion by the moderation team on a regular basis to keep the front page clean. If you intend to strike yours out when it's done, just go ahead and delete it instead. The community rules have been updated to reflect this. Thank you!

Blizzard's Beta Client E-mail - Don't Panic!

There is an updated Beta client available for download. This client includes new features that allow you to stream game data while you play. This will reduce the time you spend downloading and patching World of Warcraft once installed.

To continue playing in the Cataclysm Beta, please do the following:
1. Close the World of Warcraft Launcher
2. Uninstall your current Cataclysm Beta client
a. Windows
i. From your Start Menu, click Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs
ii. Select “World of Warcraft Beta” from the list and click Uninstall
b. Mac
i. Select your “World of Warcraft Beta” folder and drag it to the Trash icon on the dock
ii. Right-click on the Trash icon and select “Empty Trash”
3. Download the latest version of the Cataclysm Beta
a. Visit http://www.battle.net
b. Login to your Battle.net account
c. Select “Account” at the top of the page, and then select “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta” from the Game Accounts list.
d. From the Download Game Client box, select Windows or Mac to begin downloading the installer.

Before you panic and check the new Hacking FAQ or think about making posts asking here if it is legit, please know that this is in fact an e-mail from Blizzard about the changes to the beta client and how to go about updating yourself. Thank you! :)