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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Ladies of WoW: girl gamers unite!
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Welcome to WoW Ladies, a community for lady gamers of the MMO World of Warcraft. To ensure the safety of the community from spam, membership to the community is moderated and restricted to Livejournal users only. To be accepted into the community, please list that you are interested in World of Warcraft somewhere on your journal (profile, interests, icon, post). Gender/sex/orientation is not taken into account during the screening process.

Moderator Contact Information
Page-A-Mod (Further information about the new Page-A-Mod procedures can be found here.) You can also comment on the Public post, though we prefer Page-A-Mod. Please do not PM the moderators.

Posting Guidelines
WoW Ladies Strike Policy. Please visit The Wall O' Text Version for more information about our guidelines!

Be Constructive. Namecalling, harassment, & otherwise flaming other members is not allowed. Please review our Anti-Oppression Policy for more information on how this rule applies.

No Off-topic Posts - Posts must be relevant to World of Warcraft! Off-topic posts will be deleted.

Don't freeze/screen/delete/disable comments -Contact the mod team if you need assistance.

Check the tags -We're a very busy community, and chances are your question has already been answered. Livejournal Tag FAQ

Use LJ cuts Please use cuts on screenshots larger than 500 pixels wide, something that might not be safe for work, and on spoilers. <lj-cut> YOUR CONTENT HERE </lj-cut>

WoW Ladies - Safe for Work Many ladies visit from places where your troll boobies might get them in trouble, so please make sure all icons contain no nudity! Please keep any NSFW commentary behind an LJ cut. Using the word rape casually, or divulging rape kink, is considered a violation of the community rules and will be deleted immediately. Trigger warnings where appropriate are also appreciated.

Do not discuss things that violate Blizzard's Terms of Service or Non-Disclosure Agreements -Example: Gold selling/buying, account sharing, private servers, how to access locked areas in the game, Halaa kill trading. Asking for advice about guildies is permitted. When in doubt, contact the mod team.

Do not repost material from within the community in drama and/or snark communities for the specific purpose of mocking members -To help protect yourself, please feel free to friends lock your entries here.

No Plain Posts - Applies both to introductions and general queries. If your post has only a one line question, it probably doesn't belong here. (Google can be a great reference for common questions.) All posts require content or screenshots - something for the community to discuss. We are consolidating all "You Know You Play Too Much WoW When..." posts into a theme post on Wednesdays! Keep your eyes peeled.

Do not strike-out posts. - If it is a guild signature request, please just delete it. If your query has been answered, an edit at the bottom in bold will suffice.

Don't make posts for the sole purpose of begging. -We don't mind if members use WoW Ladies to network and make friends, but simply asking for bags, gold, items, or instance runs isn't allowed. Trading, sharing, and other forms of community interaction are accepted at this time.

Limit promotions to once weekly. -Posting of fan art, fan fiction, guild recruitment and blogs is considered promotional. Think of this as a one week cooldown. This rule is still in effect if no money is exchanged between members. In addition, promoting art or graphics with copyrighted Blizzard Entertainment images, with the intention of selling it, is not allowed.

No naming and shaming. -Posting an armory/unedited screenshot of a player for mockery is not allowed.

Generic account hacking/retrieval posts will be deleted! Please check the Official Hacking/Phishing FAQ.

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Want to suggest a related community to put up here? E-mail us @ wowladiesmods@gmail.com! A big thanks to soaked for the mood theme!


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