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a funny thing happened on the way to Heigan
femmetofarad wrote in wow_ladies
So, this happened on the "gauntlet" on the way to Heigan from Noth's room.

My guild refers to that hall as the "loot corridor" as we have had ridiculously good luck with purple random drops there. I think it's because we have started making a point to loot everything; you can see the circular logic's the loot hall, so we loot, so there's a better chance of loot, et cetera.

So last night, we're heading down the hall, joking "Hey, Hunter, go find a purple!" (She always finds them.) And lo and behold, Medallion of the Disgraced drops! Yay purple! Warrior who wants to respec tank is super happy. Yay!

And we keep going on. And over vent - hunter has another purple! Yay! And it's the medallion AGAIN! What are the odds? We don't have anyone for it to go to, so sadly, it's DEed. We all laugh about the weird luck.

We're almost to Heigan's room, when OMG I finally get a purple drop, too! AND IT'S THE MEDALLION A THIRD TIME!?!?? We are pretty much stunned - this has never happened to any of us ever. Three random zone drops, all in the same little corridor and all the same piece? So I've been charged to "Ask those WoW ladies you read if they've ever heard anything like this?" (Oh, by the way, you ladies are now a source of great info for our guild. "Warlock! Go check that on your ladies site!" :D)

So, anyone had really weird luck like this? Or weird loot stories? Any ideas if this is a bug or a one-in-a-million chance? And I'm really sorry if you're a tank that uses shields and could use this necklace. We did take it as a sign from the Loot Gods that our warrior is supposed to re-spec.

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One time, in the military quarter we had 2 purples that were the same thing on the unholy axes and staffs! We were like "what are the odds!"

So, I was on a guild run through H-Drak'Tharon Keep. The Reanimator's Cloak drops. Then drops again. We laugh and go WTF?

Then it drops again.

And again.

And then a fifth time.

Every single person in the run got it. We shook our heads at the RNG.

We had 8 Wildfury Greatsaffs drop in one SSC run once. Nobody in the run needed them at all so random people just started taking them.

This makes me cry because I spent months waiting for it to drop...

Oh, f your guild. qq

(never, ever, ever saw it drop. We had like 5 Spyglasses of the Hidden Fleet drop. 3 in one run!)

On the other side of things we never saw a Tsunami Talisman from SSC, it balances out.

Heh. I waited for that thing for six months on my druid, then we got three in one night.

We de'd at least one every week. The most we got I think was 3 in one run. I had one on my warlock.

Lol I got that medallion today, same spot ;)

We had omen of somethingorother drop two or three times last week, and people joke now "something isnt right, omen didnt drop!"

On my guild's first run through 25man Naxx we had 3 Silent Crusader's drop (the lollipop swords); 2 from that loot hall. Then last night we had our 4th drop after weeks.

Also last night we had 2 Dying Curses & 3 Lost Jewels. Too bad no one wanted any of the Lost Jewels. :(

My group's had that happen; don't remember if it was the medallion but we do tend to get the same purple a couple times a run occasionally.

Same hallway as you x3

2 in the first huge group we aoe'd down (halfway thru), a third right before Heigan.

We actually got 2 Inevitable Defeats in about 4-5 pulls ... in the same gauntlet.

We had 3 of something drop within 15 minutes of each other in SSC, then a fourth drop the next raid. I forget what it was, but I remember it was something for tanks or warriors or something.

if this doesn't drop at LEAST three times, melee will chain frost blast during KT. :|

Ha, we've not had those drop and there's a paladin who really, really wants them. He's still got some crap quest shoulders I think.

oh lord we had three of those drop in the gauntlet and the two more on the trash in the military wing.

for some reason i keep thinking of the room with the eyestalks after Heigan.. lol but you mean the room with the mushrooms ^_^ right?

Yeah tonight we had Crusader drop and 2 necks the tank one and the dps one.
Last week we have 2 crusader swords

That's our hallway of Greens. I don't think we've ever gotten a purple from there.

We were all appalled that one time we got not a single green drop from any of those mobs tho! O.O

We've had several purples drop in the same run in that same hall (on 10 man) and loot everything there since it does seem to give us lots of purples. One night we had 2 of the same pair of purple tanky bracers drop there. When we get through to Heigan and a purple hasn't dropped, I'm very disappointed and wonder if I accidentally missed a loot somewhere or something.

Same corridor.

The DK tank was lamenting that we hadn't seen a sword he wanted drop at all. Ever.

Last pull of the gauntlet and...two drop.


Much lulz were had.

This post reminds me of SSC and Hyjal, back when my guild was wiping on Anetheron and Vashj.

SSC we got the throwing weapon and stam trinkets constantly. No other trash drops, just at least two of those a night if one decided to grace us with its presence. We started DEing the weapon (despite at the time running with between three and five rogues depending on the night) and giving the trinket out to people for PvP.

Then on a lone night in Hyjal we got three Nethervoid Cloaks before Anetheron appeared. Two holy priests walked away with offset since we'd gotten enough for our other shadow casters in the past. I have screenshots of this one

We had two Inevitable Defeats the first time we did that hallway, and then another one in the same place the next week.

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