Laura (callxedge) wrote in wow_ladies,

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"A masterful Orc poet, Fiers!
such word-smithing flames my desires
My cute half-ork spawn
await their first dawn
I'm now only lacking their sires."

"Consider the offer I'm makin',
Before that orc you go takin'.
In the dead of night,
I'll fright and delight
You'll know the will of the forsaken.."

you know you've been playing undead too long if that last line almost turns you on
33 pages of WoW Limericks

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Yeah. Hey, I got something accomplished! (checks off "post done")

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Morning. May we all have a little help when we need it.

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    I hope people in your neighborhood were respectful and rational with their fireworks, and didn't burn the place down around you.

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