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Guild Rant

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Ok...not I don't know if anyone on here is in my guild, and currently I don't care. I'm going to be honest here.

I give up.

Yes on one run I left ZG early without saying I didn't think I could sstay late.

I have made sure to always tell the raid leader (probably should have told my class leader too) if I couldn't stay longer than xx time.

Don't guilt me. Don't start spamming me with tells and such going on about how you need me and I *have* to stay.

When i log on to do something..anything else but raiding and you BEG me to join a week night raid, don't get upset because at 10-10:30 I need to log off 'cause I have work the next morning.

When i am at a friends house, one who isn't in our guild but raids with us, and say "I'm with X and we are going to Strat." and you say no we are doing ZG, and I say "Ok as long as you know she and I are logging at 10 when X gets home because we promised we'd raid with him." and you invite me to the group and don't invite my friend. Then you say "Aw she'll understand" she won't. I'm at her house here to play with her. So after arguments she's invited and I say again that we are logging once X gets home to raid with him, and then you start whining about us staying until Hakkar...and we do.

When we plan to do a Ony MC run on Sunday and the server goes down and doesn't come back up until 8ish and we planned to start 6ish, drop Ony if you want to do Rag so bad. When I planned that we would be done MC by 11 at the lastest (as happened last weekend), and you guys decide to continue on with Ony and MC, don't expect me to stay a lot longer then I had planned. I'm sick you see....running a fever but there wasn't a priest to cover for me, so I stayed as long as I could.

When I stay for one Rag attempt and tell you at like 11:45 that I have to go 'cause I'm sick and have to work tomorrow. Don't whine about how my fiance can be replaced but I can't, and I need to show my dedication.

Dedication is sitting until 11:45 on a Sunday with a fever playing so you could have a chance at Rag.

I'm sorry. 

And to now post on the guild boards about people leaving raids early. Maybe you need to talking ot the raid leader about guilting people into joining weeknight raids in the first place, and tell him to stop cussing on TS at everyone when things don't go his way.

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  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Morning. May we all have a little help when we need it.

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    I hope people in your neighborhood were respectful and rational with their fireworks, and didn't burn the place down around you.

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