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Awesome WoW Weekend!

I just wanted to gush a bit -- I had a really amazing WoW weekend. I had been over in Darkshire, training a new pet (a black wolf which I named "Mayonaise"), and just half paying attention to guild chatter. Someone left the guild which started people griping commenting on how there are hardly any people from the guild I'm a member of online ever and that we aren't a very active guild. I just threw out there that I totally agreed, because I have been a member of this guild for like 3 or 4 weeks and had yet to do anything with the guild. Then a guy in my guild whispered me asking if I would mind him joining me. I said sure, and boy am I pleased I did! I hadn't really ran around in a party before so it was kind of a new experience for me but it was so amazing! I'm a lvl27 NE Hunter and he is a lvl26 NE Priest, which kind of seems like an unlikely pair, but the two of ran around killing things and doing quests for about 2 hours saturday. When we parted ways we were both kind of taken aback at how enjoyable it was. Then sunday I saw he was online so I whispered him and we joined up again! He had even been saving food for my pet! Anyway, yesterday we spent 3 and half straight hours together, doing quests. I didn't think playing with another character could make the game so much better, but it totally did!

On an odd side note, he and I are planning on leaving the guild together and are going to try to find a new one for us to join. Does anyone have any good way to find a guild? I mean, I am constantly seeing guild advertisments but they always seem kind of desperate. I have to believe that the "good" guilds don't need to advertise.... (ps - we're on Maelstrom)

PS - Any other hunters totally miss the auto-feed addons we had for our pets before the new patch? Remembering to feed my pet is hard and I actually lost a pet because I forgot to feed him to keep him happy! OOPS! LOL

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