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A Silly Idea...
autobottrixter wrote in wow_ladies
I came home last night to a patch and my boyfriend being sad over the Curse of Tongues nerf. And it made me think...there should totally be greeting cards for things like that. "My sincerest condolences on your nerf."

Anybody have any other suggestions for uniquely WoW things that deserve greeting cards? Anybody more artistically inclined want to mock some up? :D

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"Congratulations on your mount!"

How about one that says "Sorry about your bad luck" on the front, and inside says "That Fel Reaver guy sucks".

Or one that says "I'm sorry I just out-rolled you for that T7.5 token. Better luck next time."

Haha, I love that first one!

final fantasy xi has a system where there are a couple of greetings cards you can sent through the playonline service, there are a couple with cute graphics you can send when you reach the point you can take a second proffesion or when you get your chocobo licence, both of which take some effort!

in wow i think mount and epic flying are both pretty big milestones, as well as downing some of the bigger booses/raids (gratz cards guild wide?)

i like the fel reaver idea too ^^

Outside: Congrats on the buff! Inside: It won't last long.


"Congratulations on your resurrection! See you soon!"

"Happy Ding Day"
"Missing you... in Naxx-25"

"There are no words to remove the pain, To absolve the hurt, To ease the sorrow... (inside)
Next time try not to aggro everything when I'm AFK."

I just snorted very loudly in the library because if this. XD

"Grats on getting that rare pet, Hunter!"

... why YES, I am still trying to find Loque :D

"Over the Hill" cards for dinging 40? And definitely something for dinging 80.

Congratulations on this topic making it to WoW Insider =)

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