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Mini QQ
dark chi
catstar wrote in wow_ladies
Dear Guildies,

I've been with you for how long? Almost a year? So you know my toon's name pretty well, right?

My name is Sylphine. Sill-feen. As in, rhymes with "hill" and "e-peen".

Not Sly. Not Sly-feen. The "L" is not before the "Y".

Not Sill-fine.

Say it with me now: Sill. Feeeeeeeeen.

kthanx. :D

Your resident Warlock


TL;DR - I hate it when people fuck up my precious toon's name. Don't you? :( It's not that hard to say. I have enough people getting my RL name wrong; I don't need to go through it in-game too. x.x Sigh.

ETA: Oh, also, they've recently been hounding on my poor Felguard. His name is Ikzilmawl. I know it kinda seems like some Bliz dude just /faceroll'ed on a keyboard and kept the letters, but now they've dubbed my FG, "Unpronounceable". >.>; Poor guy. It's not his fault he has that name, lol.

my guild doesn't do it, because they can read, but random people will call me "Thel" for short. My name is TheLibrarian. Sure, it's not a "name" name, but it's MY name dangit!

I have a friend with a toon named TheWars, but it just looks like Thewars, so we call him thew-ars. :)

I personally don't care anymore. I spent an amusing raid of ZA being called Cruella (the name is Keirla). My friends started calling me Harold, since it was also not at all similar to my toon's name.

We have a guild mate who kept talking about running Mt. "Heegee." My husband and I were too nice to correct him, but one of his buddies one night finally goes "It's Hy-jal, you dumbass!" It was cute.

That said, one of my characters is named Pythia, as in "Pie-thia." For some reason, Pith-ia seems to be the preferred pronunciation with my guildies, despite me taking about half an hour one night to make the vent "So and so has joined the channel" pronounce it right. That said, I also have a Doratea, as in "Dora-tay-a," yet I was called "Dorothy" forever. But then, nicknames save me all aggravation, as I tend to just go by Py or Tea ("Tay-a"). Of course, it gets confusing when I'm on Doratea, and people refer to me as Py, since that's how they met me. Makes poor puggies and new members go "Uhm, who is Py?"

You probably got called Dorothy because another spelling of that name is Dorothea :)

Yeah, my main's name is "Shofie" and for some reason this guy in my guild calls me "Shoo-fee" which is like....buh? No, no, it's "Sho-fee", not "Shoe"! haha

Also, people who say "hearth" wrong really annoy me. D: It's not "heer-thhh" it's HARTH. I know that e is throwing you off guys, but really, it's not "hear"!

I watched this really funny machinima/wow-made movie on youtube the other day, and it was great until the narrator continuously called Shattrath "Shathara." o.O

People mispronounce my RL name badly enough, and then I had to go and choose a character name that's just as bad. -_-; I almost don't even hear it now when people say "Tee-chan" instead of "Tchann".

my name is meowmeowbutt

if they fuck that up, they have issues to work out

Ugh! It's amazing that you can still be getting it, what with them probably reading your name every day!

I don't usually get people messing my name up, but I really hate the stupid abbreviations. I get that you don't want to type out Superawesomehunterwarlockguy, but some names are short enough, abbreviation is not needed! My main's name is Isobel, and I keep getting "Iso." Come on! Three more letters! You can do iiiit!

Even stranger, when I played Final Fantasy XI, my character's name was Aerilyn, and my linkshell constantly called me Aeril. Seriously now.

It's nuts, because I've got raid leaders saying my name right. I even made the pronunciation for Vent when I get in. But a handful of guildies still get it wrong - even though they're in the same raid as the RLs who get it right. x.x

Yeah, my main is Cyrene (Sy-ree-nee) but *everyone* says Sy-reen, which I can understand. It annoyed me at first but I tend to just go with that pronunciation now too :-/

Heh, I have that problem constantly, although I guess it's my own fault. My main's name is "Rhoddary". The dd actually makes a 'th' sound (it's welsh I think) so it's pronnounced Roth-ah-ree. But who on earth but me would know that? So most people just say 'Rod' with the hard d, and usually it gets shortened to 'Roddy' or 'Rods' anyway.

one of the girl locks that's been in my guild forever corrected the new 'token-chick' officer mispronunciation of her name in vent during a raid.

I was cheering for her when she did it. ha.

My mains are Berenice and Thooghun. Both are, I think, pretty straightforward and phonetic. Though I did have one person think Berenice was pronounced "berry nice" (it took me forever to figure out who he was talking to) and Thooghun gets tripped over fairly often.

I kept it simple with my alts: my shaman is Milkkshake and my paladin is Endowed.

My main's name is Shizukera. Almost everyone I know calls me Shizu or Shiz (except my class leader, who calls me Kera, the rebel!), because it's kind of a weird name and I don't think I've ever met anyone who got it right the first time around. :P

Miriehl ... oh Miriehl. I can't wait to see what people do with that one.

My baby shaman's name is Kaantu, which leads to this: "Kaannot! Kaantu!" I'm just like, "...I see what you did there. Dorks."

My baby shaman's name is Kaantu, which leads to this: "Kaannot! Kaantu!"

Sorry, but I totally LOL'ed there. XD;;

hehe I know what you mean; although to be honest I can happily say that it doesn't really bother me.

It's amazing though how many people will transpose letters when they read something. For example my current main toon's name is Adyna (said adeena), but more than once i've heard people say it adnee-a)

Some names are hard to pronounce or don't know how they would be pronounced-- Sylphine, phonetically, would be "syl-fine" because of the long I.

Okay, I learn and move on. But the pronunciation of some people's names! Myrrh is not pronounced like the myrrh resin, but "meer." Of course nobody knows how to say it! It took me forever to figure out that people in Vent were talking about Myrrh at all.

Yeah see, I can understand that, but the way I look at it is: How is "Janine" pronounced? What about "Nadine"? "Marine"?

So I'm like, "Okay guys, it rhymes with ", and they're like, "Ohhh ok."

heh - my in-game names are usually pretty straightforward, but I always have to giggle when my bf's toon is referred to as 'me likey!' to his great dismay. He's tried to correct it, as he's sort of particular about his toon names, but it was roundly decided that it sounds much more amusing that way.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I kept calling it Sithilus and then Siphilus for the longest time. >_>


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