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Jackpot of ore?
Disney-Mermaid MythandMagic
souldreamer wrote in wow_ladies
So, my poor little pally has been mining and blacksmithing her way up to level 26. Her blacksmithing is going marvelously *cough*twink*cough*, and I thought her mining was right on par... until I was questing in Duskwood today and found two collections of ore right next to eachother that she couldn't mine - iron and gold.

At this point, I went 'bleh' and broke off my questing to go in search of ore. What an annoyance. She gets no skill ups from copper and EVERYTHING is copper. One source of silver and one source of tin later, I huffed and took her to Redridge, where I can scour the place for tin without worrying about mobs that would skin me little holy tushy.

And that's when I found it. The rethban caverns. I'd ever seen them before. They're full of gnolls, but when you're level 26, those 20/21 creatures don't stand a chance. It was a cave about half the size of the mines in Ellwyn forest (whose names I can't recall at this moment) and I found a total of 8 sources of ore - 6 of which were tin. They were also, for me, extremely generous sources. I came away with a load of tin and course stone (which has up to this point been the bane of my existance) and with a mining level ready to take on that iron.

Anyway, this whole adventure leaves me to think that there are other jackpots and I'm totally missing out on. I know that most ore comes from either mountains or (even more so) caves and mines. But tin and silver are especially non-abundant and this was a mine filled with tin. So, my question to you miners... are there other miner's dreams out there? Where? Any suggestions would be very welcome. :)

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For tin, there's a spider cave west of the path in the very southern most part of the wetlands. Huge, huge amounts of tin and silver, along with a quest related ore.

For iron (and the occasional gold), there are a few caves and areas off the side in Thousand Needles I go to, nearly all of it survivable by level 30. You can even get some mithril and the occasional truesilver. If you can play at a time when there aren't many on your server, the Badlands can be good for iron, too. But there tend to be few, if any, mobs guarding the veins, so they disappear quickly.

For mithril, there's a cave in Arathi Highlands, in the far northeast, that has a good deal of mithril, some iron, and a quest stone. Mobs are around 35-38, IIRC, but sometimes aggro in pairs. There's also a spot in the Badlands, behind a buch of level 42-44 earth elementals. There are at least three possible mithril/trusilver/gold spawn points in the very bag, and you can logout/login back there and mine without drawing aggro. There's also another two or three mithril spawn points that can be reached while only needing to kill one or two of the elemetals.

I don't know of any especially good places for copper or thorium, but I'm hoping to hear about some good thorium places. My highest level miner just hit level 48, and most thorium is hard to reach, still.

I'm not sure what class your high-level miner is, but Darkwhisper Gorge in Winterspring is a terrific spot to farm thorium... but usually only if you can perform some kind of stealth, as it's full of nasty elite demons. My Hubby has a Tauren Druid and that's where he farms for his Thorium and my guildy farms there with his Rogue.

My favorite place for tin has always been the little mine in the Stonetalon Mountains- on one side of Windshear crag. Haven't been there in ages so I dunno if they've changed the spawn rates or anything.
Mithril- havens, I feel like I'm giving away the secret to Eternal Life- is in the Charred Vale. Run around the edges and, if it's a good night for spawn, you can have a couple of stacks of bars in a couple of hours. Run into Desolace and up to Nigel's Point to smelt and mail to a bank alt if you must! :D Back when I was on leveling-haitus in my 30s and Mithril was going 5g a stack in our auction house... >:D muahaha. That's why my nelf has a kitty!

The secret to Eternal Life, indeed. Or at the very least, the secret to finishing those damned Armorsmithing quests... you need so much mithril for that, it takes forever unless you find this wonderful source. My paladin spent quite some time there getting the mithril, occasional trusilver and frequent iron as well. The mobs are low enough level to 'usually' not aggro them (I was about level 40 at that time) so you just run around ... and around... and around. Whenever someone else showed up, I played "who can get to the mine quicker" for a little while then logged. There was always more the next day! :)

Unrelated, but I have to admit some remaining noobishness. What the heck's a twink, anyway???

*giggles* It means my pally is an alt that gets sent money from a bigger alt so that she has better equipment than she could probably aford on her own at that level.

In this case, It means she bought a truckload of ore and bars on the AH so that she could keep her blacksmithing at a high enough level to make armor that would actually benefit her.

Well, for horde, I absolutely adored wandering into the Alliance mine in the Blasted Lands. At ... early 50s? I was able to avoid most of the mobs and just take out the ones I wanted near the ore I wanted to mine. Truesilver, Mithril, and Small Thorium Veins there! I was able to get between 5-10 points of mining! And tons of Mageweave.

I think however, that Alliance are not able to mine in there, just like they can't mine in the mine in Hillsbrad.

(Deleted comment)
*lol* I made my baby warrior a skinner because I'm lazy and don't want to go looking for herbs or ore any more. I am realizing that it wasnt the smartest way to go, because I have too much fun grinding with her and when I get into a groove, I'll attack, kill, charge, attack, kill and keep wracking up the rage... then turn around and realize that I have a trail of corpses that I forgot to skin.

-.- Oops.

I don't know if you're on a PVP server or not, but if you're in Horde territory, I loved mining tin in the oasis areas in the Barrens. I haven't tried mining much higher than copper on the Alliance side yet, though.

Hey side question... How many Gnoll Skull Bashers did you pick up? I did the Rethban Caverns with my hunter for the Rethban ore quest and with in 20 mins I had 4 of them! It was crazy! :) Great for my enchanting though! :)

Gnoll bashers as in loot?

I actually didn't get a single one! Wierd....

IMO mining is the BIGGEST pita of the collections. EVERYTHING else is widely available in one form or another. For mining I always feel 10 steps behind where I need to be while leveling

It's kind of funny that you made this post. I was trying to lvl my Pally (she's lvl 19 now :-D) and I, too, was wondering where to find Tin since all I kept seeing around was Copper. Thanks, you got an answer for both of us. :-P

I totally second the spider cave in the wetlands. Around level 30 with my warlock, I got up to iron in no time. For getting up to Mithril, I also like the caves in Arathi.

Thorium can be a bit nasty, but my usual mining route starts with me flying to Kargath (Horde side, of course), riding around the Searing gorge for extra mithril/truesilver/dark iron (I usually just make a huge loop around the whole area), then going down into the burning steppes, and making a huge loop around that area, with a stop at the ogre rock if I feel like fighting a bunch of things. This part is done at 60, so not much fighting required.

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