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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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What IS it with Female Dwarfs?
zenfrodo wrote in wow_ladies
Ok, yeah, I play a Female Dwarf tankadin.

So this morning, I post over in the Official Pally Forum over some confusion I'm having on the patch notes, and almost immediately get a couple responders going, "OMG FEMALE DWARF LOLZ"


...confused pally is confused...

Baby got back?

Personally I like em 'cause they look adorably round. I'm not a fan of their hair options, but with the barbershop I may actually play one now. (I know I'm terribad. D:)

Also, in my whole guild I can only think of 1 person who has a female dwarf as their main.. and she barely plays anymore.

There just aren't that many out there.

Female Orcs get the same thing.

I think the brainless wonders out there expect us all to be elves (both kinds) and humans.

*pats Female Orc on kneecap*

Meet me in the kitchen and let's get barefoot & chat a bit. :)


I get that too (my main also female dwarf, as icon gives away).

People seem so shocked to see female dwarf icons on the forums. I've gotten people to bump recruitment threads I've done just because they're all 'oh wow, female dwarf'.

I think they're cute. and therefore, people who disagree are just silly :)

Female Dwarfs are my favorite alliance race (other then draenei but I don't count them) :(
If I roll something H side that's not a druid or shaman it will be a female Dwarf priest.

Female dwarf is probably the least common race/gender combo. A lot of people are just surprised to see them, given how rare they are.

well, they can't be too rare, given all the dwarfs I see running around...

...unless the male dwarfs have mastered the art of amoebic binary fission.

I got that all the time on my 70 dwarf rogue.

Then again, I got more love too.

I had an arena where I got pwned by a female dwarf rogue.

I was so shocked and confused. The rarest combo on earth touched me! I was so proud! :D

Female dwarves exist?

(Well, that's the reaction they are having :P)

female dwarves are the least common race/sex on alliance side. There are hundreds of males but very few females. It's just a rare thing. I know I saw an influx of female dwarves show up on Sentinels a while back and was shocked.

Have you seen any that are 70? I've yet to see any of those female dwarves be 70 on our server. :(

(which'd be really freakin' cool, imo)

(Deleted comment)
Yep! I just tell them my warrior is not actually a dwarf, she's just a short, full-figured human and she is VERY offended by the implication there.:-D

*laugh* I started a female dwarf hunter to be my bank toon but she is lvl 6 and still wanting to be played. I just love her!

They are my favorite female body in the game.. but I am short and curvy myself.

The female dwarves do look like they'd be incredibly fun to snuggle.^^

Female dwarf is a rarity on any server you go to. Not many are willing the play the short chubbier character....I personally love them.

I also plan on making one of my death knights a dwarf female sense my alliance and horde are on seperate servers. I personally think dwarf females look the best in plate. :3

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I think its the ZOMGZ! Girls! reaction. Some people assume only a woman would choose to play a female dwarf. My husbands main is a female dwarf hunter and he gets hit on all the time.

There we go. Someone else said it might be guys who prefer short/curvy women, but I've never come across it irl. I guess this proves that point! :)

*edit for missed key strokes*

Edited at 2008-10-14 04:15 pm (UTC)

I love my Dwarf Rogue. I think she's really cute. I even slapped her onto a recruitment poster:

However not everyone agrees with me, she's gotten a lot of insults, including being /spit on by her own faction for being a fem Dwarf. It makes me a sad panda, she's cute! All Dwarven females are.

She got /spit on?! WTF?? That kind of stuff makes me mad.

I think female dwarves are cute. Currently I don't play one (too many alts already!) but I love their laugh so much...and, though I have very very little interest in leveling another alliance toon my guild is seriously in need of raiding warriors and rogues so I've been considering rolling one. If I do it'll be a lady dwarf! :)

My husband and I have a duo of female Dwarves (Pally and Warrior) and we get all kinds of reactions when we play them, mainly people flirting and hugging us. :D They're just so rare (like Female Orcs) that people are surprised to see them around! I think they're adorable.