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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Cuteness Abounds
triese wrote in wow_ladies
My Fiance knows how to make me smile when I am sick... and all it takes is Playdoh.

He is a bit dried out now.. so his limbs are falling off... but I guess everything decomposes? :P

And this story is a cute one... Almare I had to tell it!!!!

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The story was great :)

:) Everyone here has been so sweet! I am glad to have an in-game reminder.

*murloc sound, which basically translates into "blur-BLURRRRRRRRRRRRRR."*

haha! that's cool! :D cute story and picture!

I should start playing with playdoh with my brother's kids! Because that is priceless!

Also, very cute story!

Not even all that many Tauren seem to know where to buy those prarie dogs, from what I can gather from my time on the Horde. 8-)Very cute, and what a sweet gesture! 8-D

And I love that murloc!

He he yeah my fiance also made me a frog and kitty out of Playdoh. I think I am going to buy him more since he likes to make me stuff!

That is awesome. I love the bloody detail work... :) Great story, too!

(And I hope you're feeling better!)

That murloc shall go down in history as the BEST play-doh figure so far.

Cute story too and to call it PEANUT! ARG!


(Deleted comment)
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