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Rep Grinding: Silvermoon City
yne19 wrote in wow_ladies
I've been working on my faction rep. Im exalted with four of the five races, unbelievably SMC has been the hardest rep to farm worst than the Trolls. There are a lot of lowbie quest that I can't do becasue they seem the are only available to Blood Elves. I tried Ghostlands but those only give me rep with Tranquilen which doesnt give anything not even a single rep point towards SMC. I had check the guides but I have done almost every single quest in Azeroth, after all Im exalted with all but them. I know some of you ladies have grinded that rep, how did you do it? Do you guys have any suggestions, well other than farm all the runecloth I can? Im short by 4.2k.

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When I did this on my main, I literally went through every possible lowbie quest line in the area and through the Ghostlands ones. I then had to buy a bunch of runecloth but it wasn't all that much, honestly. I also did this after I did all lowbie/starter quests for my other horde factions, which I know some of them raise faction with ALL groups at times.

I can't tell you if Tranquilen rep ever made a difference for me throughout all the Ghostland quests, just telling you the steps I took. I would say maybe my last 2k or so was done via cloth? And I just bought it off the ah.

Hope this helps!

AV? Really? Ohhh well I shall explore that option. Question, Im not a PvPer... so when you say turn in, you refer to the meat and the blood and all that stuff?
Im such a noob! =)

Whatever you loot off the corpses go back to your base (you only have to do the first av quest I believe to get the trinket that lets you "hearth" back to your base.

If you pretty much just focus on looting and turning in you can get upwards of 1K rep per go (in a non turtle, in a turtle....well I got 5K once that was hot!)

hehe.. Hi Eve =) I figure this is you as I checked out your lj.. This is Elv, I'm the newest priest in your guild =)

Hey Elv.. yes its me.

Love your icon!

Thanks :D I made it.

Pre-TBC rep

Reputation with Silvermoon City can also be obtained as of patch 2.0.1 through any quest which gives Horde reputation. This includes all turn-in quests in Alterac Valley. Blood elf NPCs have also been placed across Azeroth since patch 2.0.1 who offer quests which give Silvermoon City reputation. Known blood elf NPC questgivers are in:

* Brackenwall Village (250 rep)
* Kargath (250 rep)
* The Bulwark (2 quests, 600 rep)
* Grom'gol Base Camp (2 quests, 500 rep)
* Freewind Post (2 quests, 500 rep)
* Stonard (250 rep)

For Elv, (but she was made after BC), I spent a lot of Runecloth, but it wasn't *that* hard to grind out. Maybe that (above) will help you.

I think I did them all. I have to check the ones in the Bulwark but I think I did them too.

I might have to do instances, I think I never did quest for WC and BFD. I might have to try those. Thanks!

Those are almost all of the quests that give horde faction in their rewards. I also think that wowhead has a similar search feature :D Anything I can do in game to help let me know, and no I am not stalking you, promise =)

Its fine. I shall take you on that offer. I probably going to be runnign a couple of lowbie instances just get some more rep and probably Strath to get the runecloth.

One other thing is to participate in seasonal events. The quests will often give rep to all your city factions. Harder to do, though, since, like, there's not one going on right now.

I neeeeeeded a hawkstrider for my Undead warrior for RP reasons, and it was a huge pain. I took her out to Eversong at level like 8, cleaned up the handful of lower-level stuff I could do, did every quest in the Ghostlands, found every little hidden quest-giver in other Horde towns...and still ended up turning in something like 300 stacks of Runecloth once the quest became available at 50. I didn't really do anyone else's lowbie zone quests, though, and I'm sure it's easier when you can do their Outland quests. I just wanted hers ASAP.

if you are over 60 - do all the quests in Falcon watch (if you haven't already) - they are Silvermoon city rep.

Go for the Falcon Watch ones too, yeah. I had to grind the hell out of Exodar rep on my night elf because I wanted an elekk! And it took me until 60-something to be Exalted with them; I did all the Telhamat and Telredor quests that contributed to Exodar rep, and turned in a ton of cloth.

Now I'm working on her Ironforge rep so I can get a ram. :D

Also, if you want to turn in a ton of runecloth in one go, get a friend to run with you through Strat or Scholomance (assuming you're fairly high level) and just kill for the cloth. I needed cloth to finish up my SW rep (I was getting tired of the questing) so I ran Strat once (not even all wings) and had way more cloth than I even needed. Just make sure whoever goes with you forks it over or passes on loot. :)

Runecloth was how I did it on my undead. And god, never again.

There are some quests in Ghostlands that give reputation with Silvermoon City, actually. Not many, but some. You can create a filter on Wowhead that'll show you quests that give rep with SMC. :)

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