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How much do YOU want to know about WOTLK?
deceptica wrote in wow_ladies
All these news about the next expansion got me thinking. On the one hand I'm curious about all the new talents, spells etc. Obviously. But there's also a part of me that's wary of learning too much too early.

You see, when TBC came out I had barely been playing for three months and had only just started consulting sources outside of WoW itself for information about the game. I knew little about the expansion beside of what it said on the box.

Now, in some ways that probably wasn't a good thing. When I think back to just how much time I wasted in my early sixties, having my hearthstone set in Stormwind and travelling back to the Dark Portal every time because I didn't know about the existence of Shattrath and its portals... or all the primals I sold cheaply as I found them, because I didn't know what they were good for!

On the other hand I loved being a noob again, truly exploring new zones and quests without knowing what lay ahead. It's a rare feeling that you only really get to experience once.

And yet here we are with the WOTLK beta barely out and already people are posting screenshots of every little thing, talking in detail about new quests and exactly which rewards they give etc... I don't really want to know that much!

I know some of my friends are excited about getting beta keys, but I'd rather wait for the finished product in all its shininess, to explore it properly with my mains.

And yet the curiosity nags... what about you?

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I try and avoid the betas to be honest, the game gets dull quickly, so why would I want to make it even quicker?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'll begin to get excited about the xpac after I've had my shot at laying the smackdown on ol' Illybean.


To answer your question, though ... I didn't even sign up for beta. Sure, it'd be cool to be in on the beta and get a sneak peek at things, but when it really comes down to it, I don't want or need to know every little detail before the game comes out (and a lot of it'll probably be altered quite a lot before release anyway). Also, with raiding and RP on my main, and RP commitments on my alt server (need to get Shizu to fully trained demon huntery goodness ... AAAACK), I don't really have time for the beta anyway.

So basically I'm like, whatever, I'll see it when I see it. =P

*sees your icon*

OH HEY, Earthen Ring is my alt server! *waves*

I played on the Alpha for a little while. I spent a weekend running round questing my heart out but I stopped playing it pretty soon. I didn't want to spoil the expansion for me.

I was happy to see the Alpha, I saw how awesome Wrath is going to be which kept my WoW drive in full force. But I don't want to see too much.

I don't want to participate in the beta, and won't go out of my way to look at screenshots of the areas, gear, quests. Lists of stuff directly related to a character are ok though -- professions, achievements, talents just to sort of get excited for it.

Probably the most fun I had leveling in BC was not knowing anything about any bosses. We just went in and figured it out for ourselves. Was nearly exalted with KoT by the time I got my Kara key, but it was a learning experience! ;)

That's similar to my take. I avoid anything that's area, gear or dungeon related. However, I do read talent tree changes and new profession information. If it's going to affect my choices for my current characters (will Moonkins get a buff, how's Paladin tanking changing, any new Gnomish or Goblin engineering items), then I want to know now rather than later. However, I'd like to see zones and dungeons for the first time upon release.

The whole point to being in a beta is to run around rooting out bugs and glitches and reporting them to be fixed. It's not, technically, supposed to be "the cool kids play first!" but a lot of people look at it that way.

I don't want to be a bug-sniffer and sit around playing a half-broke game. I'm also all for delayed gratification. I don't want to get bored too soon, either, so I'm avoiding as much as I can about the expansion. I'll read about it when it's released into my hot little hands.

Part of me wants to know the new stuff pretty badly... but then I want to expirience everything when it's there... it's sometimes annoying enough with all new instances... you can't just go in and try to see what bosses do, no you have to read strategies and watch videos before you ever saw the boss for the first time.
My bf says that leveling will be much quicker, when you already know the quests and so on... but honestly, I don't really want to be that quick (with BC I wasn't the first who hit 70, but maybe the 5th or so and then there was much waiting before others where that far, too).

Yeah, I don't want to know too much either.

I deliberately stayed away from spoilers for TBC, and it was just so awesome to able to "discover" so much. I intend to do the same for Wrath, as much as I can, anyway - some things you just can't seem to avoid! The only things I'm really interested in knowing about in advance are professions, talents and itemisation, but even that is more than some people want to know!

I'm trying to find a middle ground. It's like how I read some interviews with Christopher Nolan before I went to see the Dark Knight this weekend, so I went in knowing all this conceptual stuff, themes and characters and even specifically one scene that was shot in IMAX, but I didn't know the actual events. I knew about the movie, but not what actually happened. I'd like to keep it like that, just knowing the ideas and general stuff but not too many specifics. I did sign up for the beta, though.

I never play on test servers. I prefer to wait for the patch. Same with the expansion. I didn't apply to get into beta, because I simply want to wait for the release. I looked at the talents, but that's about it. I mostly avoid looking at screenshots and all that. Trailers are okay, though, they just get me excited about playing without revealing too much. One of my best experiences was flying over Hellfire for the first time to get to Thrallmar. It just felt so awesome, like 'weee, I am in Outland!" I want to have a similar experience when WOTLK comes out. Besides, I play with friends. Exploring the new areas in beta alone is nowhere near as fun as all going to Northrend on the first day of expansion together.

I was sad at first when I didn't receive a beta key in my email, but now I'm content to wait for the finished product to play. I am gobbling up every little information leak from the beta that I can get my grubby little paws on so I am prepared for what is coming...and filling my game play time with stock piling gold and mats.

Actually what I'm most excited about is the story...the nitty gritty of playing WoW does get dull real fast but I never get tired of the lore. So I'm really interested to see what happens story-wise with a number of factions in WotLK--particularly the Forsaken (what will Sylvanas' reaction be when Arthas is finally defeated?), the Argent Dawn, the Blood Elves, and even the whole thing with Malygos and the Blue Dragonflight. Though I hope they don't make Malygos "OMG SUDDENLY IRREDEEMABLY EBIL" the way they have some other lore figures, especially considering the end of TBC has us fighting *with* the blue have them turn around suddenly and be our enemies seems kinda strange.

But if Rhonin really is the leader of Dalaran in the expansion...I might cry.

I'm a relatively new player (my main is 62), so I don't with learning about WoTLK. I'm sure I'll get it as soon as it comes out, but just venturing around Outland is a new experience for me! In a way I feel lucky to have started the game later than most people, because there's so much accrued knowledge if you want to find it-- but of course you don't have to. That's kind of nice for someone who likes to be surprised every once in a while. ;-)

I have been reading the professions and talent-related ipeces, and I have steared clear of things ilke the 20-image overview of Dalaran. I want to be surprised with the new places and the quests. But I don't want to be caught by surprise as far as trade skill stuffs.

I feel kind of the same way--at first when they were taking sign-ups for the beta I wanted to join on the off-chance I got selected. Then I really thought about it, and I thought how excited I was to get BC home and loaded and to see everything that was new, and I didn't want to miss out on that same feeling. Hence why I opted out--I'll be patient and wait till whenever it gets released, but it'll keep me excited about the game for a few more months when it's so easy to get bored with it nowadays ^.^

I don't mind reading about things, or seeing the screenies Blizzard puts out, but besides that, I'm not too keen on seeing too much of the landscape just yet. It's like being given the option to get a peek at your Christmas present early, or to wait until Christmas morning to open it--I'm opting to wait till Christmas morning at this point ^.^

I signed up for the beta, but I've never actually played on any sort of test server before. I do plan to research what is needed for professions so I can stockpile stuff, but that's probably about it.

Personally, I LOVE learning about alphas... Thats because so many things change before release. My husband was in the original WoW open beta, and I wish I was into the game back then... Dwarves were mages, infernals blocked areas that werent completed yet, and graphics were MUCH different. Female trolls were troggs! And the old school BE/HE models!

I even went and found myself the original alpha client and played on it for a bit...

BC alpha, my husband was wary that I'd ruin the surprise by learning too much too early, so I held off... Now, I saw that I ruined nothing and went full blast on reading on the WotLK alpha! I'm glad I did.

See, I used to be a game developer, and I love seeing how things evolve, shift, and change. I love the history of things, so knowing all that I can just totally satisfies my inner geek until I'm squeeing in my seat!

Guess what, you're on

Schramm =/

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