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Raid Icon macro?
Ryuk Apple
mystikravyn wrote in wow_ladies
A guildie asked last night if there was a way to make a macro to select a certain raid icon, something like /target circle, but that dont work.  Is there a way to autotarget a certain raid icon either by macro or addon?

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Nope. Not allowed by Blizzard.

Wish it was. I hate tab-targeting. :(

Would a focus macro work? Or assisting someone?

I use a focus macro for CC.

I've had bad things happen when assisting, and the tank happens to be targeting a target that's not the kill target...

Someone told me to do this once and it ended badly; I can see why, when tanking I frequently switched targets to throw some sunders on and then switch back, only to lose threat when everyone else targeted him as well.

If he wants it for resheeping or any other CC, focus macros are a good way of doing it. Though they can only keep track of one extra target.

Saddly I don't really know much about them other than their existance

Yep, focus macros are essential for raid CC.

When DPSing I set the MA to my focus and have an assist focus macro which keeps me on the correct target with minimal thought required.

Can someone clarify what a focus macro is? I have the worst time trying to find my target in a multi-pull, like for example right before Attumen. People get in my way and I can't reshackle. XD

This is a stupidly old raid UI, but it shows you what my focus target is, and it's labeled too! When using unit frames that are not the Blizzard frames, there is a separate frame that appears when you set a focus target.

A focus is basically a 'stored' target other than the ones available to you that you can keep. When I target a mob or even a raid/party member (or even myself) and type /focus, that frame pops up and lets me know who I've stored as my focus target.

This is handy when CCing. So say you're supposed to shackle the moon, you set the moon as your focus and shackle. When the shackle breaks or is about to break, instead of clicking around and trying to shackle the MT or something, you can click on your focus target and reshackle it. =)

What a focus macro does (at least the one I used to use before it broke) was shackle your target and set it as your focus. When you want to reshackle, it'll check your focus to see if you have one. If you do, it reshackles that, and then returns to the target you were targetting prior to reshackling (so you can DPS/heal etc). If you don't have a focus, then it sets your current target as your focus and attempts to shackle that target.

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All you need to do is:

1) Before combat, find your shackle/CC target, select it, type /focus or click your /focus macro button

2) Have a macro that says /cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead (or poly, or whatever)

3) Click the shackle macro; it will shackle your focus, no matter who you have targeted

4) Continue on with whatever you were doing without changing targets :)

=P I know how to use a focus macro, and yeah, I've used this particular one before, but I'm not really a fan of it. I had a different one that set my focus for me without my needing to type /focus, but it broke with an earlier patch so I CC without focus macros these days.

I believe you. :) I was posting it for the person above you who needed help.

They probably won't see your response, you should respond to the person you're addressing. Not being snarky, just letting you know. :-D

Sorry, this has nothing to do with your question, but your icon is awesome! I jumped in my seat when I saw it! Is he from Death Note?

Yes, it is a screencap from one of the movies.

(Deleted comment)
Since 2.3 or whenever they changed around the combat logs I havent been able to read mine. All I see is a blank tab with a drop down menu in the chat box that has nothing in it. If I do /combatlog I can read the "out of game" file and upload it to WWS but I cant see anything in game.

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