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skittle_earz wrote in wow_ladies
So, after 2.4, we went in to Black Temple.
Lots of other guilds in there were being super mean to us in general, because "we have no right to be there"
We killed Najentus didn't we?

What's the big deal? If we can go in there and kill things, why SHOULDN'T we?
I don't like my guild getting flamed.

We also went and two shotted Rage.. do we not have a right to be there either?

(Edit: They say this because while we have every other boss in SSC/TK on farm, we haven't killed Vashj or Kael to get the attunement.)

I am confused...why would they say that at all?

I agree, why were they saying that? o.O

Don't pay any attention to them .. they're peeved they had to farm SSC/TK over and over for keys when the first few bosses in both BT and MH are so damn easy. They probably feel like they're being de-validated.
Keep up the good work! Supremus and Akama are even easier!

They're probably saying that because (I assume) you didn't get in due to attunements, you waited until 2.4 and they were lifted. A lot of upper raiding guilds are annoyed (personally, I am too) that we worked our asses off to get into BT and now people can gallavant in without work.

Though I wouldn't take it personally.

What do you mean -without work-?

We've worked our asses off to get where we are on this ghost town server.
There are only 3 guilds ahead of us!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, just some QQ from raiders that had to farm to get into BT. Like above, don't take it personally. Anyone stepping close will get flamed.

I personally don't care, but yeah, its kinda like 'rage/hwl are the new vr/lurker' thing.

I'm one of the guilds that got the attunements before 2.4 and was in BT/Hyjal for a while (Archi down, and got Reliquary to 16% first try!) and I say ...*dramatic pause* ignore them, enjoy those instances.

You getting gear shouldn't matter to those nasty people unless they base their self-worth on how superior they are to other people in the game, in which case they deserve how horrible they feel.

The reason Bliz opened up these instances for other people is because they don't want to make really interesting and intricate instances that the majority of people never get to visit. Look what happened to Naxx, I had a blast in there, unfortunately not a lot of my friends have even seen the entrance.

Exactly. When people take so much time and effort to make something great, they don't just want a minuscule amount to see it. They would want more to see it!

Tell them to QQ more while you kick ass at raiding.

Without actually seeing the chat it is hard to say whether they were actually mean to be mean, or just giving you the whole "initiate treatment". It is pretty common for guilds who are among the first to get into an instance to poke fun at guilds that join for the first few times. When we are in Black Temple there is quite frequently trash talk going on in general between the various guilds, but it is not meant as ill-spirited.

Of course there is also a chance that these guilds don't like the possibility of being caught up to progress wise because of the attunements being lifted. Or, they don't respect those who didn't "earn" their attunement but got it for free with patch 2.4, and thus go to farm the easy bosses.

Regardless, since Blizzard decided to lift the attunement, then obviously anyone has a right to be in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple, including your guild, including any guild. Whether they can kill something or not is irrelevant. If you want to go there, you can, and you did - not everyone will like it, but that is just how it is, and there is nothing you can do about it. So the best thing is just to ignore them and do what you feel is right for your guild.

It is pretty common for guilds who are among the first to get into an instance to poke fun at guilds that join for the first few times. When we are in Black Temple there is quite frequently trash talk going on in general between the various guilds, but it is not meant as ill-spirited.

IAWTC. We trash talk left and right in /1 and 98% of it is good natured. We have a pretty good relationship with the other top guilds hordeside on our server though.

That said, if they can't even kill Vashj and Kael, I doubt there's much chance that a non-previously-attuned guild is going to "catch up" to a BT/Hyjal farm guild so I'd be surprised if the trash talk came from that. I mean, I was cheering my friend's casual guild to a rage kill for her, but it's not like I think they're going to be creeping into sunwell anytime...ever.

Shrug, as a hardcore raider I personally find it rather irritating that people who couldn't muster enough skill to kill Vashj and Kael get to waltz past them for bigger and better loot, but frankly at the moment I'm more interested in exploring new content to worry about them much. I suggest you not worry about it either.

uhh that's why my guild leaves /1 when we raid =/

These discussions are fine as long as they remain discussions. I am tracking this post, so please keep things civil. We don't all have to agree. :)

Eh. Personally, I kinda agree with them but at the same time I'd *never* bash a guild, especially in general chat, for making the decision to progress into MH/BT. Wouldn't be my place to do so regardless of personal feelings on the subject.

yar i agreee :O bashing is not kewelz.

Tell them to open a ticket to Blizz and cry about it in my opinion, lol
It's not your fault they lifted attunements, don't let it bother you =)

Congrats on the kills. I wouldn't worry about the other guys, their frustrations (however valid they may or may not be) are not your problem.

No reason at all. They're just being losers. Well done though! A couple of us popped into BT the other day.... and straight back out.. :p


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