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Am I Just Druid Dumb?
vielka wrote in wow_ladies
So my main is a 70 Ally Warlock, raiding Kara and ZA.  I love her.  I know her and play her well.  She's got her epic flying and go her nether drake (PINK!) last week.  But as much as I love her, there's not a whole lot to do with her when I'm not raiding/helping guild mates/doing dailies.

I'm a fan of druids.  Some of my favorite people are druids.  ^_^   I had one as my very first character and got her to 18 before I moved to warlock and never looked back.  I currently have a level 20 druid with full rested xp sitting in Darkshore, just waiting for me.  But every time I try and play her, I pick a quest, try and do it, die a bunch, get frustrated and log off.  Like yesterday I decided to do one in Ashenvale (so hate that zone), to get the blue crystal for the Tower of Althalaxx (or however you spelled it).  Died on the first mob, died on the 3rd mob, died a few more times and then just quit. 

Do I just not "get" druids?  I have a friend who has leveled one from 1 to 67 in less than a month and LOVES it and does well with it.  Numerous people in my guild says that they are fun and easy to play but I'm just not getting it.

This is a bit of a rant, but also could anyone give me some advice on playing a druid?  What stats am I looking for during leveling (leveling feral, not sure if I get her to 70 what I'll do with her)?  What sorts of strategies when soloing worked for you all?  Links to druid info is much appreciated as well.

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I love my baby druid, but I've yet to get the hang of the "pop out of form, heal, and pop back in" thing, so I die more on him than I do on any other of my characters. They are indeed fun, but they can be kind of complex and I also have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around mine. :3

Staying in bear form helps - you've got better armor, and you can stun. Cat does tons of damage but is squishier. I usually play kitty, but if I get more than one mob I go bear.

Strength, agility, and stamina, I think. That's what I tend to lean toward when I'm playing my druid. But then again, he's only 22 so there's a good chance I don't know what I'm talking about there.

My first question would be (surprise surprise) what spec is your drood?

I was having a similar issue with my druid. She was feral and I put her down, would pick her up, put her down again, etc. etc. Finally, I went through and respecced her to balance and she's now 54. :) Since my main is a priest and my primary alt a hunter, the ranged abilities of a balance druid really made me happy. Granted, I respeced her after she hit 40, so I always had moonkin, and I don't know how balance... well, balances up... without moonkin. But the moral of the story is, you might try respeccing. Druids can do so much that you have to figure out what kind of druid you like to play.

That last sentence is key. I tried to level my druid as Balance and HATED it. I respecced after 40 to try out Boomkin and still hated it. I'm happily kitty now, all the way to 70. Of course, once you get there, you've at least got to keep another set of gear 'cause no one needs another dpser. :( Though, I can do a decent job of healing with some healing gear, even with my kitty build.

I LOVE my druid. :)

i'm the opposite, but not lol- I'm balance, and LOVE it, but no one needs DPS, so I have to keep a healing set as well, So I can off heal. (I actually kept up with the main healer in a SL run and got accused of lying about being resto until I popped boomkin form) heh.

Hehe, I know what you mean. :) I don't instance a lot, but in the group questage and stuff, I just pop into my healing set and have no problem healing the nub aggro magnets I group with (Lock and Hunter). The most difficult part of those last 10 levels as a druid, to me, are figuring out which loot to take so I can have a good kitty AND healing set!

That last sentence is key.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I really did mean it more as a, 'if you can't figure out how to play your character, respec for a change of scenery' type of reply. I didn't mean to imply that Balance is better than feral, just that it depends on play style. Moreso with the druid than other classes.

Oh, no no! I didn't take it that way at all! I just meant that it was key because I had the exact opposite feeling as you...hated Balance and love kitty. It's just finding out where you feel the most comfortable and going with it. It was hard for me. I love my mage main and assumed I'd love Balance too, so it was hard to adjust to the fact that I really didn't like Balance and would rather Rawr it up in kitty form. :)

No worries!

Cat form is kinda rubbish until you get Ferocious Bite, but after that it gets much better.

LOVE my druid. She's my 2nd 70. I don't know that I'd call playing one easy though. It's hard to manage all that stuff with 4 very different roles they can play. I prefer the melee DPS of the kitty. And I didn't find it squishy much at all. Of course, this was a little later in the leveling. I tried to level her as Balance (my first toon's a mage) but I would switch to kitty when I was oom and I was oom all the time, so I gave up and re-did her as feral.

I have a terrible memory, so I've no idea what level you get anything, but generally my mob's dead before I can get my combo move off. I can generally take out 3 mobs at once with no death. When you pop out of kitty form to heal, try and root them so you can heal yourself. Pop back into kitty and then finish them off.

A good resource is the Druid Wiki here:

Druids are kind of tricky when their babies and you don't have too many abilities with cat or bear form. I recomend opening opening with a either a root and nuke or just a nuke if you're indoors (starfire, then moonfire) and then shift to bear and rawr it up. Once you get some useful kitty abilities like opening movies from stealth and finishing moves you can just do the whole fight in cat from.

Your best stats as a feral are strength for attack power and agility for crit and armor. Stamina is great too. Learn how to combine your bear stun and then pop out and heal yourself quickly.

I was very frustrated with my first druid. She's still sitting at level 25 or so. My current druid is level 56 and I love her!

Levelling with feral is apparently the easiest (never tried out balance, though, but as feral, I don't have much downtime at all). I really love my druid. Usually, I stealth to the mob, use the opener in stealth, then mangle (cat), rake, ferocious bite. If I don't feel like stealth, I just use the feral faerie fire to pull, then mangle (cat), etc. ^^ If I pull too many mobs, I switch to bear and swipe them to death. But well, I kill mobs very fast with cat and haven't died in quite a long time (if I notice I'm close to dying, I switch to travel form and hope I can outrun the mobs ^^). Or I switch to bear, bash the mob, then rejuvenation and regrowth, back to kitty.

Now, in the beginning, the cat's very squishy and doesn't do much damage yet. I stayed mostly in bear form until I got some more skills for my cat form.

I've concentrated mostly on strength, then agility and stamina. As a cat, you get 2 attack power for every point of strength. 1 attack power for every point of agility and then crit and dodge.

From what I recall of lower levels, cat form is very squishy unless you're twinked out and until you get more moves you're probably not doing enough DPS to stay cat a lot. You could start off in cat to get some DPS in, pop out and heal, then bear to finish em off. Or I wonder if a several heal macro button would be a feasible idea...? Like binding a rejuv with a regrowth then popping back into cat or bear...

Also since we're talking druid dumb, I totally suck at PvP in cat form. I switched back to feral from resto and I don't know what to do with myself - it's kinda sad.

I had the exact same thing with my druid. I died SO MUCH in the lower levels (probably mostly pre 40. Feral spec) which was very frustrating as I'd played a paladin before and they are just unkillable. However, I would urge you to stick with it! Druids are SO versatile and fun. In the lower levels, even if you already have cat form, I'd probably stick to bearform most of the time. Try to fight mobs one at a time, two at the most. A neat trick to do is bash, shift out, heal, shift back. Especially if you heal with rejuv/regrowth you'll have the benefit of the HOTs still ticking while you're fighting the mob again.

At higher levels cat form becomes very powerful. At lv70 now I can just keep going and going and going (great for farming!) and sometimes pop out to heal myself. Cheap on the food/drink/pots/bandages as well =)

Something you might want to think about is limiting your quests and mobs to those that are green to you. I had a hard time for awhile with my warrior, even when she was geared well, but found that as long as I stuck with green quests and mobs that were either her level or lower, I had a hell of an easier time. I could even get out of bad pulls doing this, whereas before a bad pull was a guaranteed death.

I've been fighting kitty, so maybe that's part of the problem. I'd really like to stick with Feral cause I'm wanting a change from blowing stuff up from afar. LOL

I do have a hard time getting out of "warlock mode". I keep looking for my dark pact/life tap button. LOL

I had a really hard time at that level on my druid. One thing I did was make sure I had the best gear I could, with some enchants if possible. (It helps to have a guild for this sort of thing.) Even just a bit more stamina or strength or whatever helped.

I still had problems even then, not really being able to tackle groups of mobs. I got really good at learning when to run away. I tried popping out to heal, but it was never enough or I could never get it off. You might invest in a bunch of health pots and practice popping out to swallow.

Because you can sneak around as a cat, you can generally pick off the lone mobs that wander, rather than, say, groups of 3-4.

If I found myself having more trouble than usual, I would improve my gear and/or just stick to green mobs/quests. It was lame, but it worked.

It was probably in the mid-30s that things started to pick up.

Until then, if you're having problems with the melee thing, you might consider going balance. (I haven't ever tried this, as I prefer melee to ranged stuff, but it has worked for some people.)

If I found myself having more trouble than usual, I would improve my gear and/or just stick to green mobs/quests. It was lame, but it worked.

Nah, it's not lame. I was level 58/59 and doing low 50 quests in Felwood on my warrior. It meant that I could kill five mobs in a row before having to sit down and eat (as opposed to eating after *every* fight) and if I pulled two or three mobs, I wouldn't die (almost a guaranteed death if I pulled two that were my level or higher).

Sticking with green quests and mobs on my warrior meant that she was actually fun to play and minimized my stress levels. Some classes just aren't made to try taking on mobs four levels above them and when you adjust to that, it makes it a hell of a lot easier!

I agree. My druid, though I love her, is all the easier to play because I've been following Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide. Since his guide hasn't been updated with the increased leveling rate, I level faster than his guide expects. Which means I've been able to skip instances and still be 1 to 1 1/2 levels ahead of the guide - and thus I've been able to level off of primarily green quests and mobs.

Yup, same here. I outleveled the guide quite fast but didn't care... I just kept following it.

The only time I deviated was when I took my warrior to Outlands at 60, dropping all the Azeroth stuff I was working on. And did regret it... I only went out to HFP because three people kept berating me for staying out of it... I wanted to get another level or two before going to Outlands for two reasons... one, it was easier, and two, the higher level I was without doing Outlands quests, the faster I could get to 70 and have quests left over which meant *more gold yay*!

And I spent far too much time dying on HFP quests because I was out there when I didn't think I was ready. *grrr* Fortunately I got over the hump, upgraded my gear, and things have been smooth sailing since. Now I'm 67 and have only done quests in three zones (Zangar, HFP and Terrokar). Trying to figure out how to get the last three levels without doing any quests, but I may have to buckle down and do them if I don't get three levels after running the three Auchidon instances.

Hmm... I was planning on hopping to outlands when I could, but I think I'll take your advise and follow the guide all the way. :)

To the OP:

If it helps, it took me years of playing WoW before I could play a priest, and that's because after having done the quests so many times, I found I was no longer in a hurry to see the 'best content'. I was lazy and wouldn't do a quest that wasn't green to me. It meant my quest rewards were undergeared, yes, but who cares when I was fighing green mobs for green quests? To this day, I still tell people that the best way to play a priest is to be lazy. They look at me like I'm crazy. You may find the same thing works for your druid.

If you want to get to Outlands early, then give it a shot... just don't do what I did: dump all the Azeroth quests to start in HFP right away. That felt like the cut-off so I couldn't go back and pick up where I'd left off. >_<

Granted, the rewards in HFP *are* extremely OP compared to what you're getting in Azeroth and I made up for some of the problems I was having, but I had to be very careful with my quests and deviate a bit from the Jame's Guide. And I left all my group quests until I was done and ready to move into Zangar, then borrowed a guildie to run around and solo them for me. XD

My first druid died. A lot. I got very frustrated with her, and at 20ish I took her over to the Wetlands. Where I died, A lot.

My second druid, and now my main at 70 (also horde), I died less, but I also grouped with my husband's hunter. And now my original druid is 33 and can for the most part, survive just about anything I throw her up against.

I would say to learn what you can do with what you have. Cat druids don't get really viable for DPS until you're in your don't get a lot of the good abilities until after you get the form. Don't be afraid to bash in bear and pop out to heal yourself, or invest that one point in Nature's Grasp in the Balance tree to give yourself an out to run away.

Also, try a new zone. Head to Westfall and do some lower level quests, or hit up Wetlands.

I'm leveling a druid right now (lvl 28 almost travel form omg) and I haven't had a whole lot of problems so much. What I've been doing (which may be SO wrong but it's working for me right now) is drawing with wrath, then casting moonfire and roots. It usually works out so that they're tangled just in front of me when I shift. I've been shifting into kitty more than bear now to kill faster but if I have trouble I use bear.

I've been leveling her as a feral/resto combo though right now I'm more resto because I like it. XD It might also help if you cast the instant heal cast (I can't remember the name lol) right before you shift so that you can heal as you take damage.

....I might be kind of twinked out though but not too bad I don't think. She's also herb/alch so I had many health pots if I couldn't heal myself fast enough.

My main is a feral druid and he was the first character I ever rolled. I almost ditched him three or four times while leveling (leveled feral, went balance in the 60s for a level or two, missed mangle and went back to feral) for the exact same reasons you listed. Once I got out of Ashenvale and into the 30s I got the hang of what form to use when - kitty r 4 fite, pop bear for adds, pop out and barkskin for healing (unless feral regen has finished its CD), back to kitty to finish things off, etc.

I have all the forms hotkeyed and that helps a lot - especially since you can now switch from bear to kitty without having to hit caster in between. I think it just takes practice. Aside from my warlock (who almost never made it past 16 cause all she ever seemed to do was *die* until I got the hang of her) my druid was the most frustrating character to play ever until I figured out what went were. He just hit 70 on Saturday and I'm still learning!

This is what I do on my feral druid. She doesn't really die a lot for me, but I did find leveling pretty slow until she hit level 20 and got kitty form. Before I pull a mob, I'll pre-HoT myself with regrowth and rejuv, so that I'm being healed as the mob is hitting me. I usually end encounters with ~80-100% HP depending how high up the mob is compared to me.

At your current level, you just have bear form, so stick it out. Once you hit 20 and get kitty form, feral leveling becomes a whole lot more fun.

I find druids challenging, because you really have to know when to switch forms for what. When soloing with my baby druid (feral 21, in Ashenvale), I start in peopleform and pop off an Entangling Roots, a few Wraths, and then finally a Moonfire when the roots break. Then I go bearform and use Demoralizing Roar and Maul until they die. I can solo one mob around my own level very easily, and two with difficulty. Three or more, or one with too high a level, and I die.

When I'm playing with the BF, he's a mage so I just stay bear and use Swipe and Growl to hold the mobs' attention while the BF fireballs them from range. :)

Your gear matters a lot as a druid, and you'll end up needing multiple sets since each form is a little different. Bearform gets armor and stamina bonuses from your gear, so for that you'll want to load up on high-armor gear with +stamina and (I like) +strength. Catform gets no armor bonus, but it does get a bonus to your attack power from your agility, so you'll want to load up on +agility and +attack power items for that form. Peopleform can go through mana like mad, so load up on +intellect. That's a lot of gear for one toon!

Definitely get something like Outfitter, which will help you optimize outfits for certain stats and set up to automatically switch outfits when you switch forms.

Ahah you know, my main is also a 70 warlock and it took me ages to get a hang of my druid. Part of it was me being a noob and giving her way too much int and spirit gear when I was trying to level her as feral. I respecced a few times to see if it was just feral I couldn't get, but in the end that's what I went back to, and once I 'figured her out', I went from 32 to 60 in about two weeks. She's 67 now and I love playing her.

Agi agi agi is excellent. Str and Stam too. My usual rotation when I'm soloing is to prowl, get behind the target, pounce, faerie fire, shred, claw/rip/rake/ferocious bite as needed. If you're taking on more than one target at a time, switch to bear form and swipe the hell out of them, then switch back to cat for the last target.

This thread is very useful, I've gone through the links there quite a lot. Good luck!

I play a relatively new level 70 druid. I leveled as and am still feral. I died a lot until level 10 bear. Things definitely got better over time with new abilities, talents, and gear. There was some point not long after getting cat that I suddenly started kicking butt. All of a sudden, I could kill single mobs in cat really quickly and take on 3 higher level mobs with bear. I soloed mostly in cat except for multi-mob situations, but once I got mangle and lacerate, I started soloing in bear a lot too.

When I was leveling cat, my gear was focused on agi > str > sta. Since I have been back in bear more, I have been gradually changing it to armor > sta > agi > str. I do not have multiple gear sets even though I probably should, but I do switch out rings and trinkets between stamina, damage, and healing.

People say a druid is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none and in a way that is true, but I think the real beauty of playing a druid is knowing that even though you might not be master of a single role, you can be a master of versatility. By using a combination of all your abilities, you can group and solo quite effectively. You can also do things that most other classes can not, such as changing roles as needed, and helping other classes when they are being overwhelmed.

I've had a Lvl 70 Druid for about 6 months now. I love her and never had problems with her as a 'baby druid'. Don't know why. I'm not that great of a player, thought people say I tank well, though I hate tanking LOL.

Anyway, I rarely died, not sure why, unless I really got mobbed by too many. But even now, I usually make it by switching to bear, thought slower, does keep you from dying. This is in the higher levels of course.

I hate Darkshore and the Elf area as well, and did most of the quests, but I headed on over to Human lands and never looked back. Needless to day I am not exhalted with Darnassus and don't much care since I have my fast Kitty now, and also a Talbuk, but I mostly fly now anyway over in Outlands.

Still don't have epic flight form. I don't instance enough to be able to do heroics that I need in order to get my epic flight form. I will someday.

My druid is my fav toon so far, but I love my hunter and shadow priest as well.

Good luck, and just keep trying. Get the hang of switching out of form and do a couple of heals, and swap back in. I got the talent that helps for fast switching and less mana to switch while leveling.

I mostly do dailies with her now, make tons of money and buy stuff for my alts or send them money for mounts, better gear, etc. I try to not do that too often as I want them to get stuff on their own, but Mounts are a must for playing faster.

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