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Thank you people who Mark Kills
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nic_chan wrote in wow_ladies
I have a new found respect for people who mark kills in instances and raids!

Last night a guildie (holy Pally) needed DPS in reg SV. I need the rep for the head enchant so I say I'll go (also had a quest that I forgot about until I completed it). I've done Kara with him and he did well there so I was not worried about grouping. Our first attempt at SV was him, myself (rogue), Prot Warrior, Hunter and Mage. Guildie who was leader asked if the tank wanted to mark. He said no so I was asked to mark. I'd never marked before but though if we take this slow we should be fine... I'd done SV 1 1/2 times before this so I was still shaky on pulls but though hey, we can do this:

Was I wrong!

The tank did not listen to the mark kills (skull, X, Circle (sap), Square (trap), Moon (sheep)) and would pull before marks were given or could done (hello... can't sap in combat!). He'd laugh it off when we wiped and just say "my bad" or "I thought we were ready", so after the Guildie and I die for the 4th time (and our 2nd wipe) he tells me he's re-forming the group because he has a new tank. We both feel bad about disbanding but he let's the party know he's reforming and we all drop group.

Attempt two we had no wipes at all!!! Second group was Pally Tank, Pally Healer, The same mage from the first group, myself and a Warlock(who was only 69 and held her own VERY well). The Tank said she'd mark and we did great!

Now I know most of my bad marking experience was bad-group make up, but I have a new respect for people who get marks up quickly.

So Thank you Markers!

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Now that I'm leveling my "second main" as a tanking warrior I've keybound my raid marks. It helps a lot!

I was thinking after I get my Priest to 70 (she's 53 at the moment) I would try to level a tank... thanks for the hint!

I didn't know you could do this until last week when I was trying to figure out how I unbound my zoom out on my mouse wheel. You've reminded me I want to bind them, thanks.

My best marking experience was when the marker marked a cockroach with the skull. When I asked if that was the top priority, he responded "Yes, that roach is marked for DEATH!" Since I'm a healer, I rarely pay attention to those marks but that was too funny to ignore.

My boyfriend and I were taking a break at the Darkmoon Faire and he accidentally hit the key he has bound to Skull when he was targeting Jubjub. Death Frog! XD

Hahahaha. Yes, death to all amphibians!

If I ever mark again I'd wanna try this (not with a PuG unless we're doing really good like last night). I love doing little things in instances/raids that are silly but don't cause horrid pulls/wipes.

It was definitely good for a laugh.

I heart people who mark well... I've never attempted it (most groups I've been in designate the tank as the mark man), but I've definitely been in groups where the marks meant little to nothing because no one listened to them. I've also been in groups that liked to change the mark meanings without telling me (sap is what, moon? star? wanna let me know before we all DIE?).

Hooray for you, knowing how to mark! You make me proud to be a rogue.

Most groups I've been the tank will mark so they can set up the pull, that's why I usually ask what Sap will be so I know before hand. I also usually let people know I'm sapping before I do so, so they are all ready for it.

After raiding for a while and use to a kill order, when people ignore it I get annoyed. How hard is it to kill one guys with a skull over his head and then one with an X? Do you like repair bills?

I had my first experience ever marking last night - my main is a hunter, so I just either trap or shoot at the correct targets.

I marked Mana-Tombs on my warlock as all of us had been there, but not in a really really long time, so no one really remembered.

No wipes!

I think all classes should try it out once, just to get the hang of it. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but it was fun to do.

Marking is hard! Another reason tanking makes me nervous. I mark kill order healer, caster, trap melee, um.... other than that i get all confused and /cry

You've pretty much got the marking order! Marking targets well is a learned skill, and the more you run instances, the better you get at marking and recognising healers/casters etc. The more you mark, the better you can tank, because you know what each mob does, and thus can tank them better (e.g. you don't spell reflect on a melee mob).

As a priest, being able to mind vision helps a lot with marking groups you can't actually see, so I have gotten a lot of practice. I always felt I was slow at it -- I mean, I've gotten good at it, I know what mobs to mark with what symbols, make sure whoever is in control of the marks knows their mark, etc -- but it took me too long. So when I switched from titan to fubar, I was looking for fubar plugins, and...woah, is lucky charms (and charmsfu I think is the fubar plugin for it) awesome. I have little symbols on my top bar that I just have to click and it will mark my target! Come to find out at least one person in my guild has been using that for a while. Why didn't you teeeeeelll meeeee? *laugh*

I bound my raid symbols to F5-F12 on my keyboard, but only on my tanking toon, because most of my other toons don't mark.

My first experience with marking was on my rogue, Sorairo, @ Hellfire Ramparts. I had asked the tank if he wanted to and he said no; but he'd watch and see what needed to be done..and I said I was fairly new to it and was going to be doing it from what I remembered on my mage.

Skull was kill, X was second, Moon is sheep and Star is sap..Condom/Circle is second sheep.(Trap is square);x We actually went pretty quick that run, if I remember correctly. I had to describe some pulls as some were new to the instance(the one with the fear, etc) but it was a fun experience..

Hopefully I don't need to do it on my priest.>< I will smack people.

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I could not imagin doing instances now without the use of marks. Makes it easy for me know what I should do and what I should not attack. The second run went really quickly and very easy do to the marks

Your group make-up wasn't bad for the first group, it just sounds like your tank was awful.

Marking is my friend! If I get in a group and the leader isn't marking I'm expecting a rough ride. Actually, I got to mark as a tank for the first time last night with my druid. Paying attention to what to mark while trying to move along takes practice. I marked a moon for sheep and wondered why the mage wasn't sheeping it and my guildy pointed out to me that it was a demon...DOH! I must have been really tired, I KNOW you can't sheep demons, I have a mage too lol.

I hated marking in instances I didn't know, but now that my warrior is in the Outlands instances (which I've run far too many times for my own liking) it's not as bad.

I set up F1 to F5 on my keyboard for marks. I write down on a pad of paper what they are (sap, sheep, trap, etc) so I don't forget what's what. Then when I go through the mobs, it's easy to just punch the buttons in a row and ta da... marked set of mobs. :D

What's funny is the Ramparts pug I was in, I started setting up marks and the priest commented "Wow! Organized! I feel better about this already!" :D

I marked (most of) my first instance last night. It was also my first pure PUG. I usually only instance run with more experienced guildies/my BF and just let them mark since they know the game AND the instances better, but I'm trying to get Thrallmar rep on my hunter, so I PUGed through Blood Furnace. The tank didn't want to mark so since I had lead, I did. It went pretty well, though we had a shadow priest a little hyperactive on the MC. It helps I'd run the instance a gazillion times. Actually, for a PUG, it was pretty smooth. No wipes, and with the technicians, that's saying someting, especially since we were mostly on the lighter side for levels. My DPS was rotten, but I was kinda distracted figuring out these marks and watching the waythe pull was working for emergency frost trap.

I'd bind the things to keys, but it feels like my keys are all already bound. I mean, where else am I going to PUT them?

Can anyone recommend a good block of keys for binding stuff to? My most usual one is ` which is within easy reach and usually something I want to spam. (Holy shield on my protadin, for example.)

But that's only one key.

Are you using your F keys across the top? I don't use those on any of my toons at all, so I bound my raid markers to there (but only on my tank toon).

I suppose I don't really use them on my hunter, but on my shammy, I've left them as targetting party members for those dreaded moments when our priest goes down and all of sudden I'm the only person with a heal in the group.

I hate marking but I'm a bear tank so I'm usually made leader before we start. I don't like when I'm marking and someone goes "the oracle needs to die first". I never remember that crap so I just hate marking lol.

I hear you loud and clear. I play a pally tank, but my experience with actual tanking is limited. Thankfully I don't usually need much cc so I can get away with just marking a skull on main target, and by the time we get to the next kill I usually have enough aggro on the rest that it's not a big deal. Still, when the marking is needed, I try to pass it off to someone else who knows the instance better. Knowing the mobs makes a huge difference.

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