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wow + bliz tech support = loath
q_bomb79 wrote in wow_ladies
and that's saying a lot since I *am* tech support for a living. I guess that is what infuriates me about this the most.

last night, game running fine. no errors. no crashes. no critical shut downs. nothing.

I work today. I work from home so I am able to log on to wow on my breaks and when we are slow. Worked fine this morning before maintenance .

I get off work and log the quick little patch.

who knew something so small could be so damn destructive.

I go to restart the game after the patch installs. This pops up before I even get to the login screen from the patcher.

"This application has encountered an error:
ERROR #131 (0x85100083) File Corrupt
Program: H:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
Failed to open archive Data\common.MPQ
Press OK to terminate the application"

Then the WowError window pops up asking what I was doing when the critical error occured.

I have attempted a restart multiple times always receiving the same error.

I make a post on the wow forums. Blue post tells me to run repair.

Repair get's to the 5th stage and pops up an error "to much data required to repair, please reinstall"


I post the result and bump my post until I get another reply. The reply is this jackass blue posts a copy/paste from his original post saying the exact same thing "run repair, or check out this link how it explains that your computer hardware is at fault and you're probably going to have to reinstall"

soooo something that was working fine yesterday, and no change has been made except for this fucking patch...and it's my fault? Not acceptable. Especially when on the forums no less then 20 people are having the same issue. Makes me cringe that bliz allows their techs to treat their customers like this.

long story short, tech support blew me and many others off and now I get to waste the next 6 hours of my life reinstalling and repatching the damn game.

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the blue posts on the forums are just running interference for what really happened... this was all blizzards fault for writing back end network code into the patch, which they had no business messing with in the first place.

those 20 people were lucky to even get to the site to post... I bet a huge chunk of their player base has been affected by this.

I have been with out phone, and internet for the past 5 hours. I even did a system restore point to yesterday, which didn't work because the damage was already done to my home network.

Edited at 2008-01-23 03:57 am (UTC)

Wait, it messed with your internet and phone at home? One of our guildees suddenly lost his, but I don't know if it was from patching or not.

(we have vonage so my phone is directly connected to the internet)

just about everyone in our guild had that exact same problem with their internet not working. my husband and his friend both work in IT, my husband mostly does the pc side, and his friend runs networks... my husbands cellphone was ringing constantly till blizz snuck in a fix. That's how I know about the network stuff they did in the patch.

if it makes you feel *any* better, i'm currently about 50% into reinstalling the original WoW after almost an hour...and i'm sure BC will take another few hours or so as well...if i'm lucky.

forgot to mention i couldn't even access the repair feature kept telling me i wasn't connected. so after discussing things with my tech-savvy bf, we decided it was best i try to reinstall. at least your computer told you what to do...mine is leaving me completely in the dark...

So is it even safe to patch O-o?

I believe it is now... I just tried to log in and it installed another little patch, so it should be good...

Yeah, I had to uninstall/reinstall and repatch WoW today after my files got corrupted patching. Suckage.

Well, poop. Boyfriend's computer got these too. Looks like I get to go do the same to his tomorrow night.


Thank you ALL for posting about this, I would have missed it and continued to be horribly confused otherwise!

Edited at 2008-01-23 01:40 pm (UTC)

Jeez. I had no trouble at all with the latest patch, but then, I have the mac patch. Perhaps they're different.

I had a different file corrupted after patching last night but the same error code. I didn't get it fixed yet and am pretty annoyed about it. (Repair didn't work at all) Tonight I plan to actually reformat the drive that I have WoW installed on and reinstall fresh.

yep, I reinstalled and repatched everything, and now it's working peachy keen far.

I don't know what that patch did. It worked fine for my computer, but it did a real number on my Mom's system. None of her computer games would run, they froze up almost as soon as the game started. Couldn't even get passed the log-in screen for WoW.

I spent four hours checking her drivers, virus check, spambot check, the works. WoW repair utility reported no damaged files. Finally I defraged her hard drive, and that seems to have fixed it.

But I would love to know what the heck was in that patch that it did that to her system. Considering hers is a lot newer then mine, and has almost nothing on it except WoW and Civ4. Siiiigh.

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