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AH find.
frostaholic wrote in wow_ladies
Soooo when I sign on WoW the first thing I usually do is check enchanting patterns for things i don't have ( i like to collect them all ) wellllll someone had listed <b>Enchant Boots - Vitality</b> for only <b>15 GOLD</b> hahaha oh man I feel so lucky. Sorry just wanted to share that with you guys.

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Oh, wow, that's awesome!

I'm like you too - I like to collect every recipe/pattern that I can use, whether I need it or not.

OMG That's amazing!

Well done for a great bargain!! :D

Wow! 15g is beyond a steal :) You'll make a pretty penny off of that one :D

yeh i think im gonna learn it though, it's one of the rarer patterns. Easier finding someone with executioner than vitality

As soon as I made the comment I knew I phrased it wrong :-P I meant from doing the enchant for people :) At least on my server, people always want vitality.

OMG! I've been looking for that pattern for MONTHS and only seen it once... at 1000g buyout. Someone paid that much, too. :-( Lucky lucky!!!

Yeah, a guild mate told me last night "Hey Pythia, want this pattern? Only 900g on the AH!" My response "I'll just tip someone to enchant it for me."

Lucky find.

I had no idea it was such an expensive recipe...?

We have at least 9 enchanters in our guild who have it. When it dropped, I learned it. *grin* If I would have known that, I'd sell it. LOL

On the other hand, maybe we have different economies. I found an epic LW pattern not too long ago (Cobrascale Hood I think) and allakazam told me it was worth 1k gold. Me happy, first asking the guild if anyone wanted it. No, raiding offered better. Ok... AH it was. After a few attempts, I now got it on 250-400g now and still no bids. *cry*

I do the same with low-end JC patterns - I think that I have them all, up to 210 or something.

Sell to me, please. I pay 16g, then you make a profit! :D

Innocent, honest look,

Grin, I found a Mystical Skyfire Diamond pattern for 12g a couple days ago. I'm torn between reselling (500-600g) or learning it.

unless you really need the money, i would learn it. I like to learn everything i can of my prof.

Ah, I found a [Recipe: Potion of Curing] for only 10s the other day.

Nice luck! XD That's hot.

Oh man, that's so fantastic! I think I would've died of glee. XD

haha it more like "omg some noob listed this for 15g" and i laughed and bought it

It was going for 2700g in my server. WTF.

Grats on the cheap find! Now, if only someone would list recipes cheap...

Congratulations! I bought that recipe too, for 20g, when TBC came out, and I've never seen it lower than 700g since.

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