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best crit heal?
ces_1 wrote in wow_ladies
was healing ppl that just gotten a res, and I saw on my screen I had crit healed someone for 8k something. my eyes went big, and went immediately into combat log to actually confirm what I just saw! And holy crap, it said I crit healed for 9798! Healing Touch, rank 13. Talk about a surprising heal! I usually crit for around 7k

what's your biggest crit heal you've gotten? :)

(screenie, or it didn't happen!)

Also, night ended well when I got my tier 4 pants from gruul ^^ 3 pieces, 2 to go...

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i got a 11k on a warlock once, but meh fel armor doesnt count i guess =p

Same here, 11k on a lock, ha. :D

This hardly counts as "biggest", but I crithealed "1337" once. I had to stop to giggle.

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WWS. Don't remember the fight. But I'm pretty sure it was on a warlock, so slightly cheating, but slightly not.

I've gheal crit for 9k on the tank before, but it's few and far between.

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on a warlock, but still ^_^

It happens on rogues too if they put points into quick recovery. I healed a rogue for 9.8k in WSG the other day and screamed 'Oh my god!!!!!' and danced around. I should have kept healing, because then he died...=p

Nearly choked on my water reading that second part. "Then he died." XD

Good image of a victory dance, "Yay! I heal lots!" -body drops in front of dancer- o_O;;

11k holy light on a lock, 9.5-ish on a tank. I haven't kept track of my highest flash of light, but if I'm fully raid buffed they'll crit for around 3200, which isn't bad for costing 108 mana.

Prot pally LoH ftw.

LoH'd myself at Prince while moving him away from a dodgy infernal, it crit...


I've crit for 10.2k on locks before, and my greater heals on tanks crit in the 9800 range. I am a holy priest with a 23/38/0 spec and 2050+ heal with only my spirit buff on.

I had a rejuv tick - TICK - for 2300 once.

But they never let me stand in Netherspite's green beam again. *sadface*

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