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Art for Sale! yay!
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lotuschild wrote in wow_ladies
Heya girls!

You might remember me from last year posting some stage make-up pics and what not. So if you couldn't guess, I'm an art student! This semester I was taking Printmaking and for a project I did

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So my question is... would anyone like to buy them? It is a limited edition and I'll be selling 3-10 (so there are only 8 left). They are 3x9.5" and on archival quality paper. Each print is unique and different. It would have to be first come first serve through e-mail only:

I am only asking for $12. Which I might be underpricing seeing as they are originals lol but I dont care, I <3 this community. I will try to get them out as soon as possible for christmas. In fact if you let me know that they are for christmas, I'll put them high priority :D. If there is high demand I might also do draeni totems during my break in January :p. Thanks peeps!

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Wow, that looks awesome! I'm totally broke from Christmas shopping but I do want to tell you that that looks fantastic! :)

i'll have to peer in on that when i get off work- photobucket is banned from military servers.

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