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Guys in Girl Guilds?
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marskitten wrote in wow_ladies
Okay, yall know for___real  and I founded ourcritsarereal and we're struggling with allowing guys in or not. Right now we're not going to let guys unless they're husbands, engaged to, or boyfriends. Possibly IRL friends too. Or Girls Only. I was wondering how the DotA or DotH types dealt with this question and arrived at a ban.
Personally my thoughts lean towards letting them in but with a higher standard of behavior, and a ban for any failings.
Or do we go girls only with specific exceptions?
Debate Go!

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Far as I can remember, DotA and DotH were intended to be girls-only from the beginning. I don't think letting husbands/boyfriends join was even really considered. We have separate chat channels (dothfriends and dotafriends) that husbands, friends, etc. can join if they're looking for an instance group or just want to talk or whatever.

"OurCritsareReal" Now that is really clever. :D

From my experience from being on a PvP server and RP server, "all girl" guilds are not looked highly upon. Mainly because the populace at large is convinced that the guild is really founded by 15 year-old boys cruising for cyber or a internet girlfriend. XD

As guy, I'm not to big on gender specific guilds, I understand that people want these type of guilds as it would be easier to identify with one another. And I also know that a good number of male WoW players are just damn irritating. I think guild membership should be based on attitude, how said player meshes with other members of the guild, and having past game experience with the potential guildie (Like when you need Tank/Healer/DPS is he/she the first on your list of non-guildies to choose from?)

Given that WoW is somewhere between 70% and 85% male, it's probably pretty easy to be in an all-male guild without even intending to -- the fact that that's not considered a gender-specific guild is, I think, what prompts women to create their own guilds. It's pretty wearing to be the only woman, or one of a handful, in a group of all men. Hence this community.

DotA is still 100% girl (er, as far as we know!) and it's been a pretty cool experience being in the guild. There's a level of respect I don't see with any other guilds I've been in (which admittedly, isn't many.) And the level of progression we've gotten to, without really being able to advertise or have a huge pool of people to choose from, is definitely something to be proud of.

That said, it really sucks having to exclude men you know are decent people. I joined DotA with the intention of playing with the awesome people I'd met in this community, not with the intention of playing without my fiance or other male friends. And having been behind the scenes when the drama-llama strikes, it's definitely a rocky road keeping it girls-only. If you do go the girls-only route, ask yourself WHY you're doing it, and, er, yeah. don't puss out. :P

Where is DotA/horde at as far as progression/.

Far as I know, DotA and DotH were founded to be girls only, and remain girls only :) Not that we exclude male family, friends or significant others, of course! There are chat channels that we use to keep in touch, and they're always welcome as friends of the guild on instance runs. But the guild itself is girls only.

Frankly, I think it's unfair to allow guys to join but give them different standards of behavior than the girls. Don't you think all your guild members deserve to be treated the same way since they are all equally members of your guild? For the sake of fairness, just stick to girls only.

I'm quite pleased with the large-ish female population in our new guild...some of which came from this very WoW Ladies community. As a rule, over my almost three year WoW stint, I've found female gamers to be more mature, even-keeled, sharing, and cooperative than a lot of the males I've played with.

However, exclusion based on "just because you're a guy"...or even worse, admitting "some" guys and holding them to a different standard is pretty ridiculous. Guilds are meant to promote teamwork and unity and cooperation and community for all the members...not just the ones you like best.

I'd suggest if you want your own private club, go ahead and make it...that's your right...but consider what it is you're trying to accomplish with it before you decide to keep people out for no apparent reason other than "just because".

However, exclusion based on "just because you're a guy"...or even worse, admitting "some" guys and holding them to a different standard is pretty ridiculous.

Yes, yes it is. It also happens to women all the time. Until it gets to the point where the genders can interact in WoW completely sans friction, I think having an all-female guild is pretty reasonable, and a pleasant alternative for those women who wind up in guilds that can't deal with their gender.

Why not create a "brother" guild for the guys connected to members of your guild, and a common user channel for chatting together?

There's an addon that can help facilitate that (make a common guildchat) :) Not sure what it's called, but I saw it on

To the OP: If you are making a girl guild, just stick with it. If you want a girl-friendly guild, just kick guys that make chauvinistic pig remarks when they make them. ;) I've been to a gay bar a few times as a gay person and tbh, it's fun to have a 'we' atmosphere in a straight world, but I've always been glad most of them had a sign on the door that said "gay-friendly" people were welcome too. If you opt for the girl friendly thing just stick your neck out and recruit saying what you think is important. My guild advertises with girl and gay friendly and we've got a really nice mix of people.

Honestly, I say don't let them in. From my experience, even having one guy around changes the entire feel of a community/guild. Do you really want to deal with the OMG NERDY GIRLS R HAWT morons?

poor guys - when they think hot babes are hawt, they're superficial, and when they think nerdy girls are hawt, they are morons ;)

Kurai pretty much covered it. DotH has been all-female since it was founded from this Community. I'm the 3rd GL that we've had since then (if you don't count the person who got the charter together, I think it was handed off to the first real GL not long after it was founded), and the only time boys have been in have been when they've logged onto their girlfriend's/spouse's character to move them to a specific location, usually for a raid or instance or something. We do ask that they tell us when they're doing that, however, so that we know. :)

A number of our SO's have grumbled about not getting in, and there have been at least rumors of trying to get a Sons of the Horde guild going, but none of them have ever taken the plunge to start it up like we did. ;)

yeah, i had to pass it off due to my mother having some serious health problems and i didn't get the chance to log on hardly at all. that was about 3 weeks or so after i first brought the idea to the table and i got it all started up.

though i was a GL, even if i wasn't able to be there for long, since it was my idea to begin with. guess it's kind of hurtful to see someone say that i wasn't a "real" GL.

Just a word of caution, but I believe there was a fallout from Blizzard or something like that when a guild was advertised as "gay only" or something like that.

Blizzard took the statement that the guild was GLBT friendly as a form of sexual discrimination. It *may* come across that a female-only guild could be seen as discriminating against men. You get a player with a stick up their ass finding a GM that also is sharing said stick, it might cause problems.

Anyway... other people have done it and seemed to not have problems. Just mentioning that it might be something to be on the lookout for if it crops up. :)

ya acutely aware of that one because I was kinda in that guild when that happened :p

when i created the daughters of the horde guild, i had full intentions of it being 100% female only. a no boys allowed type club :) the reason i even started it was because i was so tired of every time i'd play and someone found out i was a woman, they'd harass/pester/annoy me to no end. so i came here and asked if anyone else was sick of it, and if they wanted to do a all female guild. we debated on horde or alliance, what server, etc. then we got things started and the rest was (is) history.

so basically, i did it that way hoping to cut out a lot of drama :)

Well we've had it on a poll for a bit but we might just go all female too, unless someone in the guild presents a good argument otherwise.

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