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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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as requested
isteillia wrote in wow_ladies
Some of you ladies wanted to see the drawing that made me want to make a felhound plush.

well here it is- (I am not held responsible for death by cyootness.)

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I saw a really cute felhound plushie at Blizzcon. The girl carrying it around made it. I wihs I had asked her name. :) Cute drawings though, even though I don't find the felhound all that cute at all. lol XD

*dead from cuteness*

That is adorable! The felhunter is cute just in general. Especially when it swims; its feelers stick up out of the water like little snorkels, lol.


Darn you and your disclaimer! I could be suing you right now! xD

Aww, now I want a plush of that! So cute!


To my surprise, the felhunter is my favorite pet so far. It's like a little evil puppy that follows you around haha. How does one learn how to make a plushee?! They would make awesome christmas gifts :P

Yep, dead by the cute. :)

I love that the little antennae kinda make it look like it's got ribbons in its hair.

Eeeee! I'd seriously buy a felhound plushie! I'd also love to see a baby felhound follow pet. Or, that they'd let you keep your summoned ones (from the Rakh'likh quest chain or the pooping felhound quest) and let 'em follow you around in perpetuity. They're adorable!

the zergling pet that came with the original collectors dvd edition is the same model as the felhound. -_-

just a thought.

OMG I need an icon of the first one! That is way too adorable!

Ok. That is the cutest fellhound I have seen. :) A plushie would rock.

I really think that Blizz isn't exploiting a very untapped, yet potentially very profitable, WoW Plushie market. Seriously. Wouldn't you want a plush Murloc, Mechanical Yeti, Mounts, "fluff-pet" (like Eggbert, Mr. Wiggles, whelplings, the fairy dragon thing.. you get the idea), Mini collectors edition pets or even Hunter pets and Warlock demons? (Plush VW!! YAY!)
Blizz could even make them a limited run to up the collecting furor. They could release special colors for those that

Personally, I want a plush Humar the Pridelord, Mazzarache, Voidwalker, Murloc, Kodo and.. lots of others. <3 Like I don't already have a house full of collectable crap already. :P

I still remember when I watched my boyfriend play WoW - he played a gnome warlock. I thought the gnome was really cute. I wanted to see all the emotes etc. that the gnome could do. But then... the gnome became totally unimportant. Because my boyfriend had let him summon his felhunter!

When I then had my own account and levelled my own warlock, it was one of the best moments when I got my own dog, Haatom. :o)

I really wish there were plushies. *sigh* And that drawing is super cute, of course! :)

hehe those are cute

I'd like to have a plush felguard to put in my windshield.


too cute. if i had a car i'd make that into a windshield sticker.

Ahhh I want one! I love the felpuppies, even when they're nibbling on my Priest in PvP and resist all my fears :<

Ha those are great! I'm glad you shared them. Hehe so cute.

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