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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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the good ol' days
well behaved women rarely make history
lyndi_hop wrote in wow_ladies

Okay. I'm either going to get praised or flamed horribly for this, but i feel that it is worth mentioning.

I have only been back a few weeks, but one of the things which made this game so fun (for me) was the fact that i play with people who take chances. I absolutely adore my friends who play because (albeit not on serious raids and questing/objective meeting) we like to futz around. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that you can still Raid Gnomer, and that we are all (over 21 in my guild) encouraged to get drunk and do a 40 man Gnomer raid. I like it that my healer used to drag me into instances (granted they were instances we'd run several times) with 2 rogues and we made up maneuvers as we went along. I think we even invented afew.

The people i've seen lately seem so focused on cookie cutter builds, the arduous grind to 70, gold, drama and all the OTHER aspects of wow (oh and let's not forget - learning exactly what everyone else says they should do with their class)...that...they lose sight of the fact that they only know one way to play their class. Honestly, there is a time and a place for organization, and strategy and all of that, but its like this...i've encountered only 2 kinds of players as of late...those who have ABSOLUTELY no f-ing clue how to play the game and are ripping through levels on bought gold and telling me to "STFU NOOB" when i get pissy about the hunter rolling need on a lowbie wand (these are the same people that when i log in the NEXT day are 10 levels higher, havent been to bed and are sporting the wonderful guild tag of "zomg u r ded wtf newb".)(Did i mention this is an RP PVP Server? right...)

OR i get seasoned players who have run the zones many times and fall into the trap of thinking that there's only one way to skin a cat...and "its my way or i'm going to pitch the biggest hissy fit ever because i know everything about warcraft...and you dont...."

I guess i just wish that people pushed their classes like i remember from a couple years ago. Maybe it was because everything was new back then and the whole system wasn't min maxed within an inch of its life...but. Part of knowing your class and how to play it, is knowing your absolute limitations both as a player and class wise. I don't feel people get that by following a manual every time and not pushing for players to screw off sometimes, have fun, and push the usual limits not only of class, but of you as a gamer. Thats what makes a good adaptable player, learning your classes inside and out. You don't get that by leveling to 70 in a week and raiding right off. It takes time, and patience and the ability to learn nuance.

I'm done.

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Um. If you've never respecced, you're doing it wrong. O.o

And you only know AT BEST 1/3 of your class.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, but on the other hand... I've been told that some spec or other is SOO MUCH BETTER even though it only has some ten thousandth of an advantage over another. Or some talent is UNSKIPPABLE even though it's an ability and may or may not ever get used. Why pay talent points in a spec for something which doesn't fit the playstyle, even if it matches the role?

My spec is ever evolving the more I play and the more I read. Fortunately I'm a fire mage so the spell cost to respec is not that high (10-12G)and I don't respec that often (I think it was 10G that last time I did it).

Seriously I had a mage try to tell me it was 200G to respec . So I asked him when was the last time he respeced and what spec he was . He said he was a fire mage and had respecced about a year ago. LOL

Heh, I don't think I've had to pay more than 25g for a respec. I've respecced back and forth more times than I care to remember, I just like to stick to a spec for a month or so before switching again.

I didn't respec from 1-70, and have only respecced twice since then. It would have been once, except I clicked the wrong button the first time.

The reason being: When I chose my spec, I sat and read every single line of text regarding every skill. I logged and read about the different types of mages, the pros, the cons, what they're all capable of. I thought about it, and I thought about my playstyle.

Then, I planned what I was going to do, and stuck with the plan.

It greatly helped me to level with the spec I'm using, because I know exactly what I'm capable of, and the spells/skills/etc are practically subconscious.

Perhaps I'm just used to games that are less forgiving, where when you spend a point, it's GONE, never to be seen again, and it affects what skills and how you gain intellect/stamina/etc. as you level.

I remember crazy fun runs in Scholomance and Stratholme and even Blackrock Spire.

I even had them leveling up to 70, but they were always the guild runs. PuGs would sometimes be fun but more often than not they were just exasperating.

Thinking about it . . . I miss being level 70 and not being in a hardcore raiding guild. *laugh* So much more room to play around.

I know! Well, I'm 70, but not in a hardcore raiding guild ... Somehow hardcore raiders are more willing to do weird stuff than casuals. You'd think they'd be crazy min-maxers, but my guildies at 60 who raided 5 days a week were more willing to experiment than my current casual guildies.

Or maybe that's just the guilds I've been in...

I do these things you describe, once in a while - with my husband and some in-game friends. I got to say it was more fun before than it is now. Yes, I can still probably figure out how to do Deadmines with three tanks and two dps at level 17, or something... It just somehow does not sound like fun anymore. Once in a while I like to solo some harder elites... again, not as much fun as it used to be.

WTB new MMO.

I hear you on that. Sure, sometimes experimenting is just painful - ZF with 2 warriors, 2 hunters, 1 rogue = GG - but it can be loads of fun. You do learn a lot more about playing your class with weird group combinations, because you have to think out of the box.

My guild has just stated downing the easy bosses in Hyjal/BT and I have to say that our strongest raiders tend to be the ones that can think outside the box, are creative and can adapt.

Personally, I love pushing my character to her limits. It's one reason why I enjoy healing heroics as a shadow priest. :) I also really love strange group compositions. We've attempted heroics without having a tank where we would kite a boss around by quickly switching aggro between our DPS classes and tons of CC on trash and more kiting. It's a lot of fun. :)

I've done guild runs through Shattered Halls (regular) where my hunter officer said "I'm doing ninja pulls, so I don't want to mark or be party leader". We then proceeded to just pull at random, no marking, very little CC.

With no deaths, we made it to the end in 45 minutes.

It was chaotic. It was crazy. There were times where I didn't know if we were going to live. But we did, and it was fun. :)

Then last week two 70s and 3 low 60s went into Ramparts with no tank and no healer. My pet tanked the instance. We completed it in under an hour *and* killed all the bosses. Figure that one out. :D

Heehee. A friend of mine was wonderful enough to help my pallygirl out with some rep grinding in Ramparts, and farming for the chest piece that drops off of the first boss. We 2-manned up to the first boss a handful of times... prot pally (me) and level 70 Beast Mastery hunter. It was entertaining and reminded me of when my friend and I were utter noobs in the Deadmines. My druid was all of level 16. Hunter, at that point, was MM specc'd and maybe 26.

I said, while we were recovering from a particularly bad combination of Concecrate and traps breaking and pet death in Ramparts, "You know what the difference is between then and now? Now we know what we're doing the way we didn't back in the Deadmines." My friend suggested that if we knew what we were doing, we wouldn't be trying to 2-man it. I giggled like a giggly thing.

I've pulled off some interesting feats with groups that didn't seem like they would/should be able to do it, and I think the reason it's become less fun for me over time is because no one else seems to acknowledge that we did something interesting and out of the norm and were successful. Like the time some of my guildies and I 3-manned SM Library: arms warrior at 40, shadow priest at 34, shadow priest at 35. We'd just intended to do some of the first pulls to see how badly we'd get it handed to us, and by the time the other guildie who'd said he'd run us through after he was out of the Botannica run that was "almost done" was actually done in Botannica, we had 2 more pulls and then Doan and told him not to bother. It was a total rush doing it, and kind of a let-down that no one else could even be bothered to say "Good job!" in /guild while we were all a-squee about it because they're all used to having over-powered people run them through things. :(

I like the thrill of doing something that doesn't seem like it's going to work, but I think what makes it work are people who know the game well enough that they can handle the unexpected... whether that's from playing for long enough to've learned a lot, or whether it's from trying whacked out things on a regular basis.

I went from 1-70 on the same spec, but once I hit 70 I played with my spec for a while before I decided what I wanted. However, once I got there, I didn't respec again.

Roll an alt on a new server with a friend and get that mojo back.

My BF and I did just that with a few in-game friends. By rolling on a new server, different faction, and no farming 70 to finance our shenanigins, we have to be resourceful. We have 2-manned instances up to RFK so far (my lvl 33 SP and his lvl 32 hunter), having a blast while doing it. And we've never seen a red quest or silver elite walking past that we didn't like.

I think the game accommodates a variety of playstyles. You just have to get yourself into the right flow of things.

P.S. The cookie cutter builds always make me laugh. I levelled resto so I would learn to heal groups properly before I got to raid level. I stuck with that original build for a year or so, until the pre-BC free talent respec. Put a few more points in Balance. Had a few weeks off raiding post-BC, and specced Boomkin. And got the full set of recolored T2 boomkin gear. So when raids picked back up, I went to a hybrid build that's 40/60 balance/resto. My then GM tried to get me to put points into all things that buffed Healnig Touch, and I had to put my foot down. That may have been useful for my BWL main healing days but it wasn't reflective of how I actually heal now. And that's something only I can know about myself and my playstyle. And you know what? I keep my mana up and stay at the top 3 or 4 of the healing charts in the 25mans. People need to take chances once in a while and find a talent build that accommodates the way they actually play.

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