./life/reviewed/ (cypher) wrote in wow_ladies,

World of WarCRAFTS Monday :)

I spent the entire weekend learning how to make soap. I desperately needed to come up with gifts for a couple of friends who play WoW and are moving back to my area. I figured some decorative soaps for their bathroom would be great. I'm also working on a custom handpainted messenger bag of her main toon, which, so far, looks great :)

Yup, those *are* hearthstone soaps on the left, and a soulstone and healthstone on the right :)

I'm so pleased at the way they came out. I handcarved them all and am terribly pleased at how the healthstone came out:

I'll toss them up on manaprincess.com if anyone wants any. :)

As a side note, I want to do a Hallow's End contest for the communities, and wanted to know what kind of contest would be the most fun.

I'd like it to involve Hallow's end stuff and screenshots.

Share your ideas and I'll choose one, if any are good enough :)

Prize will be something very cool because Halloween is my favorite holiday.
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