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juliamarcela wrote in wow_ladies
You know... I don't know why, exactly...

but I was killing stuff, and randomly in my head, popped up, "I wonder what draenei skin feels like."

Now, I would guess that the rest of the Alliance's skin would feel like ours. Even the elves, I would think. I know what a tauren would feel like (furry, haha) but a draenei, while sharing many characteristics with the tauren (legs? hooves?) they aren't furry. The blue seems... I dunno.

I almost want to say like shark skin :x For no other reason than it would be cool.

What do you think?

I've always thought suede as well! The really expensive, fine stuff.

I think it'd just feel like skin. I mean, they don't have scales or anything.

...suede would be awesome though, I have to say.

Smooth and supple, maybe like dolphin skin?

like elephant skin... ?

but our skin doesn't have that many wrinkles!

Time to break out the cold cream...

maybe they just have hair so short we can't really see it :)

I find it hard to think of them as hairless spacegoats 0.o

It is kind of amusing to think of them as fuzzy! /pat draenei

But... lore-wise aren't they technically the same race as most demons? Just uncorrupted? Something about fuzzy demons is sort of incongruous in my mind, lol.

I thought either normal skin just at a cooler temp or a very soft and smooth scale.

Hrms. I was thinking thick velvet-smooth skin. Like how I imagine Pernese dragons to have. *quietly geeks*

yeah, thats how I've thought of it too. (<3 Pern!!!)

Kinda related, but I had a dream that my boyfriend had a new girlfriend and she was a draenei. Her skin was the same as anyone else's, only blue.

Hahaha, best worst dream ever!

their skin feels like my blue leatherboots. ;)

So what you're saying is, draenei should keep a safe distance from you, eh? (kek) ;)

I would imagine it would feel like normal skin, but tougher around their hooves.

And honestly, I don't think the tauren would be too furry. Their fur is probably very short and very close to their skin. :)

I was going to say Dolphin skin too.
Probably cool and smooth...

As for Taurens, I'd imagine their skin feels like cowhide.

This post is full of win. More like this, please!

At first I though dolphin and shark skin, but then I remembered how angry Draenei get when they have to swim...

Ah-ha! I knew I wasn't crazy when I thought that!

I think Draenei skin would feel like that super soft short velvet, only smooth and cold.

Orc skin would feel like streched out bubblegum that got dry and hard.


I would think leather or velvet. I don't know about being cool though. I think it would still be warm.


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