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Female Tauren SS Request
frosted_miika wrote in wow_ladies
I need some help!   I need some Screen shots of Female Taurens (preferably Druids and in some nice End game gear, T4 etc).  It would be great if they were full body screenshots and if you have a shot from each side that would be even better.  Standing or sitting.. doesnt matter, but I think I'll be recreating it sitting.  I'm making a full body edible Tauren cake/treat and I need a model to go by (and my lil Tauren is only level 38 right now, and i want to make it with recognizable gear on).  I wont be making it until close to Christmas, but I wanted to start my sketches/etc for it (and I will be posting the finished project when I'm done).

Thanks in advance!

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Have you considered using WoW model viewer? That way you can put the druid in whatever gear you like, and whatever position you'd like (that you can do in the game, anyway), and view it from all different angles.

I've never used it before, or even seen a place to download one. By chance would you have a link to one I could download?

Thanks for the link. I will give it a try!

It's an awesome thing. My daughter likes to play dress up toons in it.

That T6 looks ridiculous... OMG.

Thanks. I had looked there but I find that they show up pretty dark and its really hard to see the details of the equipment on it.

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