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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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noabsolutes wrote in wow_ladies
So I am a rogue. This rogue, in fact. As you may be able to ascertain, I have absolute shit luck with drops. I firmly believe that the Assassination set is a myth put about to destroy my psyche. I have my own drop rates; when I am in a party that drops a boss, there is a 70% chance or higher he will drop paladin plate; 20% chance he will drop priest/healing gear (Hallowed gear drops like candy), and the remainder of the drops will be leather with +int and +spell crit all the hell over it. I haven't seen leather suitable for me drop since Durnholde.

I ran a full night of instances with three paladins once - one prot, one holy, one ret. They were squealing with glee by the end, and I was in a rage, because seriously, guys. I am Revered with the Keepers of Time and as far as I can tell, the only thing on Aeonus's loot table is the goddamn Legplates of the Righteous, because that is the only thing I have ever seen drop in there. Some of my paladin friends hold their runs until I can log on to guarantee their drops. I am not kidding in this.

So anyway. I've been carrying a short stack of Lucky Charms for like 30, 40 levels now. Periodically I'd give them out as gifts, and I've been down to my last one the last couple of months. The other night I ran a lengthy Shadow Lab run (Murmur you bitch, you WILL drop those damn pants), and in a fit of fury at the end (Hallowed Garments. Again) I mailed the Lucky Charm to my favorite healadin, whom I've been running with since Sunken Temple. "Fuck it," the letter said, "I've been carrying this this for 40 levels now and all it ever calls down for me is pally loot. Hope it brings you better luck than it has me."

A couple hours later he logs in, gets the Charm, laughs at me, and is immediately sucked into a guild BM run. The Legplates of the Righteous drop, of course. Why wouldn't they? He's only been running that instance for months, and he's never seen them. He goes on to get upgrades in every single run he's been in since, and when he went into BRD to start farming for the XL Jumper Cables yesterday they dropped on the first try for him.

Obviously I had a paladin charm. :(

So what about you all? Any tales of woe regarding loot drops? What superstitious items (if any) do you carry around with you?

eta: http://www.wowinsider.com/2007/08/20/are-instance-drops-really-random/

eta: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=1134167382&postId=11340063240&sid=1#5

oh my goodness internet

I feel your pain. If I decide to not go to an instance with my hubby, a hunter item will drop. So then I'll run that instance 10 times afterwards, and the item will never drop again. I begged him not to do Steam Vaults last night because I KNEW if he did, the Beastlord helm would drop, and I would cry. ;)

On my hunter I always get pally and shammie gear dropping (heck, I think 70% of the loot tables in Outlands is pally gear. It certainly seems that way). On my 'lock it was always mage and priest stuff.

Maybe now that you've gotten rid of the paladin charm, you'll get rogue drops? :D

My feral druid has run so many instances that I now pass on all rogue/feral leather because I've seen it all at least once. :x

I have two mains at the moment, feral druid and shadow priest. Inevitably, I'm asked to switch toons for a boss fight where I really, REALLY want something on the other character. OMG, we got OZ in Kara? Yay for the Wicked Witch's Hat, which will of course drop because I've been asked to bring in the druid to tank Dorothy. /headdesk Seriously, ALWAYS the way. /sigh

Seven Murmur kills (out of probably a dozen SL runs) and I've never seen the Hallowed Garments. /cry

Meanwhile, a dozen Murmur kills, and alllll the cloth drops have been the Hallowed Garments, but not a single Oblivion drop.

My spriest /cries with you.

I have a rogue too, and it seems like I almost never find any interesting drops. But I'm constantly finding plate and cloth. Lots of plate and cloth.

I feel your pain...my main used to be my rogue, who has crap luck for anything. Gear, rolls, leaving quest items in the bank.

My favorite example was pre-BC. My guild finally got a UBRS run going. We kill Rend, and Finkle's Skinner drops. OOh, up for me, I say, plus it will give me that nice boost to my skinning. GL says, hold on, there's another rogue/skinner. We roll. I lose. Ah well, I figure, checking out his gear, it's really a huge improvement for him and not as much for me. We kill Drakk, and the Shadowcraft chest drops (which would have given me 4 of the pieces). Thinking the "one up per run" rule was in effect, I cheer in raid chat and the GL says hold on, there's another rogue. He rolls. I roll. I lose. I point out that he'd gotten the dagger up. GL says, "that was a skinner up. This is the rogue up."

This happened to me so often that I started pvping even though I pretty much suck at it, because I could improve my gear without depending on the luck of the roll, or the GL making sure his real life friends got everything. It got so bad towards the end of my stay with that guild that I really thought that if I'd won a roll, he'd've said, sorry, low roll wins this one.

Yep. Moonglade set hates me, except for the robe, which dropes every. single. time I see Panth go down. I'm revered with Lower City and have never even SEEN the gloves.

20 botanicas later on all chars for me... never seen a moonglade helm.

I firmly believe that the Assassination set is a myth put about to destroy my psyche. I have my own drop rates; when I am in a party that drops a boss, there is a 70% chance or higher he will drop paladin plate; 20% chance he will drop priest/healing gear (Hallowed gear drops like candy), and the remainder of the drops will be leather with +int and +spell crit all the hell over it.

No offense, but boy am I glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Blizzard was trying to make me insane by not giving me any drops whatsoever. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

I carry a lucky rabbits foot, lucky charms and a temaster's skull which I fished out of the UC sewers. Have since I started playing... For the record I have 3 peices of the assasination set ((one I upgraded to the helm that drops off high king maulgor.

I've since stopped playing my rogue and moved on to a priest and transfered said items and have had the robes of insight drop...

I see Assassination drop all the time. ALL THE TIME. Every instance I run to get my Tidefury for my shaman, I see Assassination drop. Rogues love me. I've gotten 2 helms for rogues in Arcatraz and I'm still using the crappiest socketable level 62 blue you can possibly imagine.

Ran Shattered Halls for my Tidefury shoulders. Instead, the Beast Lord gauntlets that my hunter wanted about 6 months ago dropped.


My 70 Rogue has now fully geared my SO's 62 Hunter with Blue and Green drops all the way to 70. Has also gotten enough cloth and cloth gear to ensure easy tailoring leveling for my Priest and my SO's Warlock.

But no leather. :/

Pre-BC on my Pally and she could only get two pieces of the Lightforge set, bracers/belt. I ran scholo enough times to grab every single other classes helm, although I did love the ag bonus from the rogue and hunter for my crits, but no matter what instance I ran it was always the same- NO PALLY GEAR FOR U! It wasn't until I was the only pally in a MC run that I got my only piece of Tier equip, my Lawbringer belt.

Someday I'll get my entire Tier 2 and so I can retire her.

I want my Tier 2 on my rogue! Bloodfang is soooooo sexy.

I worry that it will take me the rest of my life though :(

I cannot get the Hallowed to drop for love, money, threatening calls to Blizz's support or flat out bribing the WoW God's.
I can however get the pally plate and _anything_ for a rogue to drop on a moment's notice.

what server are you on?

at this point...i'm willing to xsfer, lmmfao.

I have a hunter and a paladin. The hunter used to be my main, but not anymore - I still want to get her decently equipped, and I hop on her whenever my friends want to run a 70 instance, but I love my paladin much more. Running Botanica on my hunter, the Righteous spaulders drop - and since there's no enchanter and no paladin in the group, we all just greed. AND I WIN THE ROLL. The rogue we picked up for the run couldn't understand why everyone was laughing at me. GOD, vendoring that thing hurt.

When I was playing my hunter at 60, pre-BC, I could never ever ever get my Beaststalker's boots. (Or any other part of my set - but I had level 40 boots and desperately wanted to upgrade them.) Not only would Nerub'enkan never drop them on any of our Strat runs when I needed them, he declined to drop them when we went back just for the hell of it in our mid-60s, and he wouldn't even drop them for my paladin. I don't think they actually exist, except on all the NPCs Blizz dressed in the Beaststalker and Beastmaster sets just to taunt me. ;_;