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daenarys wrote in wow_ladies
For gods sake! Please stop 'saving' me!

I'm grinding consortiuum rep as a holy priest. You know what? I can handle it. I can even take three mobs on me at once. I'm holy, not gimped. I just dotted that mob so I can take it after I've dealt with this one.



I hate it when people do that. That's why if I see someone covered in mobs, I just stand back and heal rather than steal a mob from them. Usually it's pretty apparent after a couple of seconds that they know what they're doing.

(I love that hunters and druids always think they need to save my poor paladin. Thanks, but no thanks.)

Aye, I've not died with my holy priest soloing since he hit 70, disc/holy priest are impossible to kill if they have mana.

How does one "steal" a mob?

They hit it before the first tick of a dot I've just put on. It take three seconds for SW:P to tick and grey the mob to them.

Oh man, I hate it when people pull a mob just after I dotted it but before the first tick.

I'm guilty of it with my mage because I'm actually in the process of casting frost bolt when someone comes along and dots it. I've had to get in the habit of putting Detect Magic on mobs to 'mark' them in heavy farming areas, which of course is always ignored by people who come by to dot 3 and 4 mobs. Or I have to pull with ice lance which is a great power, but messes with my slowing cycle.

So yeah... take a look around the corner for the person that has a long cast time. Not everyone likes to pull with a DoT!

(Deleted comment)
Here's the thing, I don't mind legitimate attempts to grab mobs, you charge a mob, get first swing in, that's fine, I don't even mind giving up the mana for that dot. When you watch me fighting for a time and then wallop a mob I've just dotted, not cool. I tend to play fair with mobs, I won't tag something someone else is already going for.

If I'm running and you take a mob I will love you forever, I'm irritated by the attitude that holy priests can't solo.

I normally agree - except when the person dotting has dotted six mobs at once, and has done it when they saw me running past their group of already-engaged mobs, and decided to grab some more just to piss me off.

Totally agree, I don't understand why people think they're entitled to every single mob in the vicinity.

I'll just mouse over people as I run past to check their health, and if they seem to be in serious trouble I'll help out. Other than that, I assume they have the situation under control. =)

Unless you're that rogue we saw a couple of nights ago at the Singing Ridge, doing that beacon quest. He died, my friend rez'd him, he came back and died in the same spot. In the same way. Didn't even try to fight the mob (one mob!) that was chewing his face off. And then he did it again. So we decided, no more heals for j00 until you lrn2play, and we went on about our business. >.>

I HATE that. Augh. Happens to me all the time. Holycrit spec ftw!

You didn't mention this, so I don't know if it's the case or not (and I haven't done much BC grinding), but you did mention they were rep related mobs... If there's a shortage of rep related mobs, and someone aggros a few, and I don't see any others alive, I'll try to steal one, because DAMINT YOU SHOULDN'T GET 3 WHILE I GET NONE! But it sounds like that's probably not the case here.

If I want to help make sure someone doesn't die, I'll stand back and wait and watch. If I'm on a character that can heal, I'll heal if you get low. If I can't heal, I'll generally wait until the other is at both low health and low mana before attacking, or at least wait for you to tag the mob if I'm going to help before the situation looks dire.

No there were plenty of mobs around, I'd carved a little niche of about seven mobs that I would go around and kill as the were spawning at an easy to kill rate. As far as I can tell there are about fifty mobs of that type in that area and I'd seen only one other person grinding all morning. No she was just trying to be 'helpful' I think (I admit I'm not 100% sure.)

I'm guilty of it once in a while, but only because I didn't realise that you have dotted it first until it's too late.

When farming on my hunter, I get into a rhythm of send pet, lay trap, pull next mob into trap, kill mob, send pet, lay trap etc.

Once, when farming on elemental plateau I had a warrior -repeatedly- charge my trapped, tagged mobs and kill them. Even when I sent him a tell saying, hey, they're tagged, you might not want to bother. He still did it. *facepalm* I just left him to it in the end. Hey, free kills, I'm not complaining.

I did that once by mistake - took someone's mob. I didn't intend to actually take it... just to offer help. So now I don't bother. :\

Once is fine, don't worry about it :)

Sorry, but as someone who has a priest myself and farm with my hunter I DO help out if I see a healer grind. No, I don't multishoot, but only attack the mobs that are greyed out for me and THUS tagged already. Sheesh, if others had such an attitude as you next time I'd consider standing by watching and giggling.

I don't think the attitude is about helping with grayed mobs, as indicated by comments above, but rather, those that get stuck into their adds before the first tick of sw:p has gone off. ;)

<-- Hunter.

I only start helping when they start running like hell. If I can grab the mobs at least I can feign!

Then they get their mobs back. :-)

I've had the same problem. Drop SW:P, start casting, and juuuuust before the spell pops off, pow!, an arrow or gunshot out of nowhere and the mob goes grey. Argh!

Another time I've found this annoying is when I'm leveling a weapon skill. I'm really bad about keeping my skills up. I use a polearm for forever and then get a great sword drop and look and see that my sword skill is at 120 when everything else is at say 225. So ... I go pick on something that will be a fairly slow kill and hack and hack and hack and whack and watch my points tick up. Invariably after a prolonged fight (mob down to half health, but hey I've gotten 20 skill points) someone will run over and one shot it to "save" me.

Mm. Uh. Thanks.

As Alliance I go and level my weapon skills in Stockades. No one around to be "helpful", the mobs are small and elite so you can whack at them without dying too fast. Plus you get to sell everything afterwards :)

I... hate it when people help me and I don't need it.

I got that with my Pally all the time. DUDE, PALADIN.

Unless ALL my cooldowns are down, and I'm OOM, and I have eightybajillion mobs on me, I'll be FINE.

Oh man, I'm 70 now, but for some reason this one still annoys me... when I was in the 40s, leveling in STV, I got a little low on mana. So I popped seal of wisdom, judged it on the nearest mob, popped seal again, and settled in for a slow, but mana-bar-refilling fight.

Then a level 70 popped by, dismounted and one shotted it. I was like. O.O YOU KILLED MY MANA BATTERY ZOMG! lol

I still wonder if he/she expected a thank you. I just rolled my eyes and ran off to find another mob. :P

I've had that when I've just popped my shadowfiend and they kill the mob it was on *sigh*.


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