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Wow. Just... wow. (No pun intended)
Disney-Mermaid MythandMagic
souldreamer wrote in wow_ladies
So, if you like the little easter eggs that Blizzard puts into Wow, here's one for you.

I was digging around for Ironforge quests to get the last couple thousand rep points to push me to exalted with IF and I found the Sully Baloo Quest Chain, which starts in the water beneath the Thandol Span Bridge. I read the letter before delivering and... ugh. It hits hard.

Anyway, I was reading over the Thottbot comments and someone there explained that the letter is so potent because it is a real letter and Sully Balloo was a real person. The link he gave is here: Sullivan Ballou's Letter.

Personally, I am both saddened by the story and can't help but wonder: where the heck does Blizzard come up with all this stuff?!

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I've always loved the text of that letter. <3 Blizz for the nod to Sullivan!

2nd comment on Thottbot shows where it comes from. I love Blizzard for stuff like this!

What's the actual contents of the Blizzard letter say?

Also, wow, I give mad props to people who discover this quest on their own!

Well.... I cheated. I was using a link someone gave me of all the quests that give rep for different factions. It is kinda fun though, doing a bunch of quests that I've never done before.

I kinda figured when you said you looked it up.

But what I meant was, someone, somewhere, actually accidentally discovered that quest. And that's pretty darn impressive, considering how incredibly out of the way it is to even find it. Just wow.

True enough. :) And even when people know where it is, they still can't find it because the letter's so small.

haha, yeah, I saw that on the Thottbot link you gave. Everyone asking where it was, lol.

I remember doing that quest chain. Great story, but a pain in the ass to find.

That being said, I still think Sully Balloo should show up as an undead NPC, just so we could hear about his regrets and such.

I first heard Sullivan Ballou's letter read in Ken Burns' Civil War documentary (which is awesome, and if you haven't seen it, you should). It made me cry then, and it still does.

If Blizzard included a homage to it in the game, that is mad class. I will have to look for that quest now.

This is where I also heard the letter, it moved me to tears, the reading was amazing. I never knew it was in game, I am so on my way to get this quest!



I was on my break at work and took a moment to read the letter from the link you supplied and it really got me. I really want to go home and find the quest now. Thank you for sharing this! :)

Do you have some kind of a link or an idea of where I can find a listing of easter eggs in the game? It's a shame that I've been playing since release and I had never heard of this quest. A lot of people are missing out on the work that Blizzard put into it. :)

I just googled 'world of warcraft easter egg' and I got among other results. You might start there?

There was a website highlighted on the main WoW website in their community highlights section a while back that had a ton of the easter eggs and assorted funny things. I think they have those links archived somewhere...

I found this quest on my 1st toon back when I started playing a few months after release, I was messing around in the water and found the "clicky." I didn't realize until later (after I read an article about this same letter from Sullivan Ballou and a poster there commenting about Blizz putting this in their quest chains did I realize it was based on a real letter.

I found it sad, too. But I'm glad Blizz took the time to do it. Blizz has put a lot pop culture and put it in their quest lines. I think this (more serious) nod to a real life event is a good counter for that.

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