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mfirefly wrote in wow_ladies
I'm a happy little dwarf with my new pet.


It is a [Captured Firefly] pet, and drops from Bogflare Needlers in Zangarmarsh. It took me a total of 586 kills to get it.

The item flavor text says: "Still flying..." This is a reference to the television show, Firefly. The quote from the show that the flavor text was taken from goes as follows:

Mal: We're still flying.
Simon: That's not much.
Mal: It's enough.

Edit: I uploaded a quick and dirty video of the animation.
Edit2: The only sound it makes is a little background hum of its wings.
Edit3: Yes, this pet is new as of patch 2.1.0.

(Deleted comment)
Or the sky! :-D

sorry, I totally geek on Firefly. LMAO

THAT is awesome. both in the pet and the quote.

Viva El Firefly!

Very cute pet! I'm not familiar with the TV show, but the pet alone is fun.

I now have something new to do!

Wow, that's awesome. Grats! :D Without this community, I'd be missing out on such a large amount of coolness. :D

You are soooo right. There have been full quest lines that I was clueless about until seeing them posted here. And items like this? Definitely wouldn't have come across it on my own for quite a long time!

586... that is some awesome dedication. You had my husband drooling over my shoulder. He wants one. :) And because it has a Firefly reference, it goes way up in coolness factor! Congrats!

Ooh I thought it would be for the fire festival this year!
I'm actually happier that it's a drop pet, means it's more rare and can be given as a gift! (Unless it binds? Wowhead is down atm).

Thanks for posting this and congrats on it!
Now to go farm one for myself, and one for my husband's upcoming birthday!

*binds on pickup I mean. I know pets always bind on use. :)

Welp. I may as well go farm anyway, since I need to hit 70!

Oooh, want! I'd name mine Serenity (well, if it could be officially renamed 'Serenity' it would be, anyway)! I think my Kaikavus has many hours left tromping the swamps. 8-D

OMG. I need one! I had the Firefly add-on and used it all the time. That's my one HUGE regret for rolling on an RP server - no Firefly quotes! /sob


Eff Gruul's, my ass is hanging out in Zangarmarsh until I get that. I LOVE FIREFLY!!!

WOW!!! that is soo awesome...
three cheers for you!!

Ooooh! I need one for my Inara! YAY! Now I have even more reason to level her. ^_^


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