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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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ding and mounts!!
isteillia wrote in wow_ladies
well about the same time frame that I dinged 40, my best bud in RL comes galloping up to me, beaming from one long ear to the other.

We both got new mounts-

I am so thrilled I finally hit 40. No if i can just get out of STV....

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I'm so jealous of her. I WANT A TALBUK. Which won't happen for a long time since I uninstalled the game. 8D

Grats on your mount, though, layday<3
STV is like the bane of my existance, but ganking lowbies that think it's fun to gang up on my mom and camp her is pretty awesome.
Too bad she's like, level 57 now. D:

Grats on the new mount(s) for you and your friend :D

Woooo mounts! ^^ The prettiest ones in the same posts too, awesome! :D

And heee, I love your icon!

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