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Aldor to Scryer...ooh yeah.
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shaula82 wrote in wow_ladies
A while ago I posted a question about Aldor vs Scryers, especially for warlocks. After doing A LOT of research and working out rep and a lot of other stuff, I decided the switch would be worth it. Well, yesterday I started grinding for Dampscale Basilisk eyes, and it couldn't be easier! They're right outside Shattrath, they are SO easy to kill and give good xp (well, I'm level 64 and they're level 62-63, and give about 1,000 xp each as expected), the drop rate for the eyes isn't too bad (about 30-50% IME), and I got 3 greens and one extremely sweet blue item from grinding them. In the course of under an hour I went from Hostile (and at war) with the Scryers to Unfriendly. I can go up to the pretty Blood Elf Rise now, and I don't get bashed and expelled out of Shattrath anymore! Lol.

So I just wanted to say, if you're not too far along with rep for one of the factions, it's really not that much of a pain to switch.

If you're going from Scryers to Aldor, it's a sweeter deal, because the spiders you have to farm also drop Netherweb Spider's Silk, which sells quite well - bonus!

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Cook up the meat, it's not nearly as fantastic as the spider silk but it's always nice to get an extra 23 spell dmg.

Yes I did exactly that I went from Scryer to Aldor ... my first hasty decision wasn't so good ...

At least it all helped getting up my Sha'tar Reputation pretty early up to Honored ... since you get rep for them from any Aldor/Scryer quest up to Honored with Sha'tar.

The spiders give at least the silk but on the other hand they have stupid poison and I didn't have any NR gear.

About the basilisk stuff: cook it and sell it. I sell a lot of cooked fish and other cooked stuff and for most of it I get around 1G a piece!

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