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Does anyone else feel...

That you're bad luck for guilds?

Or is it just a bad time for guilds period? Guilds on Blackhand (US) are busting up and new guilds are forming all of the time. It's kind of nerve wracking to see that the guild I've apped to is losing priests and mages all of the time. I don't know if everyone's just getting burnt out or what.

I'm actually enjoying playing my priest - it's a fun time now that my favorite Pally came back after having no interwebs for a week. I tanked a 70 elite. Yeah. A priest tanked. A holy/disc priest at that. :D That was entertaining, as my pally friend was doing my normal job. (Incidentally, if you've done the feed the dragon quest chain out in Shadowmoon, you cannot do the quest from Wind Trader Madrid in Netherstorm unless you're grouped with someone that hasn't done it.) So is everyone suffering from major burnout from the huge push for 70?

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