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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Does anyone else feel...
cadey wrote in wow_ladies
That you're bad luck for guilds?

Or is it just a bad time for guilds period? Guilds on Blackhand (US) are busting up and new guilds are forming all of the time. It's kind of nerve wracking to see that the guild I've apped to is losing priests and mages all of the time. I don't know if everyone's just getting burnt out or what.

I'm actually enjoying playing my priest - it's a fun time now that my favorite Pally came back after having no interwebs for a week. I tanked a 70 elite. Yeah. A priest tanked. A holy/disc priest at that. :D That was entertaining, as my pally friend was doing my normal job. (Incidentally, if you've done the feed the dragon quest chain out in Shadowmoon, you cannot do the quest from Wind Trader Madrid in Netherstorm unless you're grouped with someone that hasn't done it.) So is everyone suffering from major burnout from the huge push for 70?

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A lot of guilds are just crumbling at the seams. Most of the end game guilds on Eldre'Thalas have been leaking players and some of the better ones have ceased to exist all together, while those that formed right before TBC came out are rising up the ranks with their pilfered members. The stress to get to 70 is high and people are grouchy because of it, so guilds are snapping more easily.

However, most of the smaller "family" guilds are managing to hold together despite the burnout. A lot of people are rolling BE alts and slowly crawling up the levels, but very few people seem to have the energy to do a major levelling push. (One of my guildies has his main at 70, an alt at 63, and quite a few other alts in the mid-40s. I don't understand how he can do it.)

I think it's because we've all gotten fat and lazy sitting at 60 for so long. :)

Ooh I haven't been playing much lately but what guilds are falling apart on Blackhand? (<---- blackhander horde and alliance) I haven't been paying attention to the gossip. I think that it's a problem all over the place, burnout is inevitable and it's a huge adjusting period at the moment. I hope that everything will sort itself up eventually.

My guild "The New Inqusition" is doing alright although we've lost a few people due to burnout, or people wanting to play on other servers. We are hoping to start doing Gruul's lair in two weeks. I'm only 62 so I've got a ways to go but no one's giving a me hard time about leveling slowly.

Yeah, I've seen your guildmates around. I know that disbanded, and there's been leaks springing from the high end guilds. I apped to Sentinels, since I work with like half of them. I guess a lot of people are burning out. I heard that Transcended is about to lose a resto druid, but that could just be rumor.

I've heard that Gruul's Lair is pretty tough - the MT for Sents had about 16k hitpoints, and he's wanting about 4k more for that fight. GL on your guildmates for that fight! :)

Lol we might have a feral druid tanking it. She's been maintanking half of karazhan.

I hear ya - I've got basically a Ret pally, a feral dr00d, and a prot warrior just about at my beck and call. :D I can have any one of them tank for me with no issues - and the feral dr00d has more hit points than the other two.

This is a horrible time for guilds.

This is, indeed, a horrible time for guilds. A lot of the big raiding guilds on Aggramar EU have split, and I'm almost to the point of wishing ours would. We were (note past tense) a serious-but-fun raiding guild who had just started Naxx before TBC. After that, a group rushed to 70 and started the new instances, and another group took the time to enjoy it...and found that they were left out. I'm finally 70 on one character and 69 on another, and I'm trying to do attunement in PUGs - not fun. Some of the previously nice people have turned into super-jerks, and being in the guild just isn't fun anymore. not sure what will happen to us...but I think it's a common story.

My guild is crumbling as we speak. Every single one of our priests and most of our mages have left. A couple hunters left. Lost a couple pallies and a druid too. This is all in the last week or so.

We're feeling your pain. We have one level 70 mage left and the only Priest of any level of note is 61 and is the alt of one of our main warriors...*sigh*

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