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Blizz made a mistake but boy do they know how to compensate
kemica wrote in wow_ladies

There was a mistake with the packaging of the BC CE and we weren't giving our Netherwhelp code.
However, they have arranged compensation.

A lot of people on forums are furious, I don't really see why.

I personally have NO issues sending them a piece of my (loose paper) backing of my CE box along with one card to get both a Netherwhelp AND a Lurky pet. Holy crap it's better than Christmas.

..please don't hate me. :(

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That's awesome for you guys.

Grrr want a Lurky! >.

Nice. Lurky, Netherdrake, and a little bit of free time. Good thing they realized their mistake and fixed it fast!

Holy mother that's nice :)

Wonder what the odds are that the US packaging is messed up? >:D

A lot of people on forums are furious, I don't really see why.

People just like to whinge. ;)

Personally I'm just jealous, since I missed out on a CE! :P

I just want a baby Murloc TT

But hey, it's awesome that they're being nice to you guys ^^

What! I hope my american CE doesn't have the whelp in it.. lol. I want a lurky pet :(

Oh cool! My sister got a CE, and she'll be over the moon when she hears about the murloc pet.

Reporting in for the American Folks... Arranged with a friend to get BC CE.... I needed codes + wanted pets for my 2nd account... He was interested in the rest...

There was NO specific code in the CE box for the Whelps... I thought using the CD code would simply activate this in game...

Going to keep an eye on the american servers and get the items from my friend that the above link defines...

This sucks to begin with, but I guess turns out great :) :)

I also got really happy when I read about Lurky. Worth the postal cost I suppose. =D

Will the US people get a Lurky at all? O.o Was this just an issue with the EU CE's?

So far only the EU is affected

Awww, Lurky's so cute!! Now, I'm jealous. :P I'm one of those sad people who watches Murky in Orgrimmar do his little dance and applauds him for it. ^^;;;; Hope Lurky does one too!

Wow, I hope mine gets messed up. Grats :D

If I get a murloc, I'll send them the entire box!


PS: I <3 Lazy Town, but Stephanie screaming fuck yeah? I just cried a little bit inside. =p

Yeah I just went through my entire box, trading cards and all. No pet code.

Holy jealously... I would trade my blue Murky for that Lurky, its so much prettier.

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