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ohh how I hate guild politics
Sanctuary, SOS
wolf_of_shadow wrote in wow_ladies
So.... I just got dropped from my raid group because and I quote 'we don't need a warlock for our buffs' personally I have always felt a little out of sorts with this guild as I came into it as a stranger (i.e. didn't know anyone) and I have always been the only girl. The comments have just been getting to me latley and I have been thinking of leaving for some time now. I don't really want to play WoW if I'm not raiding and I feel that before 5.2 would be the best time to make a change.

So.... my question is... is anyone recruiting, or know of anyone recruiting warlocks for 10m or 25m raiding? I am happy to server change, happy to go to a US server (I live in Australia, but I can make the time difference work provided I don't have other work commitments since I'm currently studying) and i'm even willing to faction change to alliance if I have to. Ideally I am looking for 2-4 days a week of raiding at 3 or so hours a raid. I am 488 ilvl at the moment due to the fact that I went away for 6 weeks over christmas and missed out on a lot of gear (also, my raid had 3 clothis ranged, so gear was stretched a bit thin anyway). I'm a competent raider, I show up every week and I do what I can to help the guild and my raid group. Currently Affliction for the DPS boost, but my passion has always been destro locks. Happy with a PVP or PVE server (tho the ganking is getting to me at the moment so a PvE server would be a nice change). An all or mostly women group would do me wonders right now since I seem to be surrounded by guys all the time, but i will be pretty content if there is even 1 other raiding lady in there with me.

character info:

Name - Arriss
Server - Frostmourne
Faction - Horde (Belf)


should have mentioned this:

Progression: 6/6 MSV, 3/6 HoF, 1/4 ToES


I have found a new guild on Barthillas. I jumped ship on Frostmourne about 4 days ago and have already found another guild over here. :) thanks for all your suggestions guys, you have been great!

Recruitment Post - Seeking Tank
madam_dracthor wrote in wow_ladies
I'm making a recruitment post here in the hopes that I'll find someone.

I'm searching for someone to become the main tank for my 10m team that runs Saturdays 2pm - 7pm central time, on Farstriders-US, Alliance side.

Ideally, I'd love to have a druid or a monk, but I won't say no to another plate wearer. The off tank is a death knight that also dps on one-tank fights. Right now, there is only 1 agility leather user (me).

We're currently 6/6 MV, 2/6 Heart (working on Garalon, we have him at 11%), 0/4 Terrace.

Our previous tank (a protection paladin) is unable to continue regularly due to real life commitments, and can only fill in occasionally at the best. I'm currently using fill-ins but we really need a consistent main tank.

We're also one of six 10m raid teams under the Farstriders Raiding Syndicate at, which is a collaboration of individual raiders from various guilds who come together to raid on regular days and times.

This means you do not have to leave your guild to raid with us. You do, however, need to apply in order to participate in the discussions and communications.

We have baseline expectations of raiders which is really standard stuff: be geared, gemmed, enchanted, prepared, knowledgeable about spec, role, and raid encounters.

If you're deaf or hard of hearing, that is not a problem at all. We have a few Deaf raiders, including myself.

Are you this person? Need more information? Please contact me -- here, on the web site above, or in-game on Zullera.


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