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Elven interest
baisuzhen wrote in wow_ladies
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

Being quite the lore geek, and as well as a pseudo aspiring anthropologist interest, I often wonder, how has the evolution of the Night Elves come about. During Azshara's time, all elves were purple skinned aren't they? Including the High Elves right?

After they were exiled, how long did the High Elves evolve to the current pinkish/human skin? Also they shrunk in size?? How long would such a physical change take? Was it a gradual process or a sudden(magic)?

Are you a High Elf because of your beliefs or because of your heritage? How many of them were exiled? I mean the current population of Silvermoon City, while small compared to the Humans and Orcs, are still substantial enough. Given the rate of elven reproduction, just how much genetic differences were there available for them to populate up to a city range?

Also just how devoted as a race the Night Elves are towards Elune? Do High Elves in Azshara's time still follow Elune? When the time of their banishment came about, how do they cope with the loss of the Moon Goddess? Culturally speaking, and as well as daily lives, do they revolve around Elune? How do Elune feel about the loss of her elven children? Does she even care or she's simply a racist xenophobic deity whose interest is only if you are still purple-skinned?

There has been absolutely no word from Blizz regarding An'she the Sun God. He simply reappeared in Cata, and then no further word. Was he even integral to Elven life? Do the High Elves, after being banished from nocturnal lives and adopting diurnal lifestyles know even of the Sun God's existence? 


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