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Too Much WoW Wednesday!
Surma and Raynard
owlgardens wrote in wow_ladies

I'm sorry for being so late. I've been dealing with getting my house ready for my upcoming vacation and lost track of time. I'll be better next week.


"You know you play too much WoW when..." Finish this statement in the comments. :)

Pandaria rares and Shadow Priests
heart coffee
enveri wrote in wow_ladies
Good Morning!! Apologies if this is formatted weirdly, LJ is being obnoxious this morning. </p>

I am posting this on behalf of my girlfriend, who plays shadow/holy, and is running into some frustration that she cannot solo some of the Pandaria rares on her priest; pandaren and jinyu specifically give her a lot of trouble because of the long cooldowns on priest interrupts.

She's quite a capable player and has absolutely zero problems on her other characters, but she loves her priest, and I thought I'd come here and see if anyone has any suggestions or tips. (She says it's flat out impossible, but I thought I'd check anyway).

Thank you ladies and gents- and may you have a happy V-Day if you celebrate, a happy Thursday if not!

Newbie once again
hearts Misty
livindeadgirl wrote in wow_ladies
With Mist of Pandaria on sale I went and purchased and have decided to give RP a try. I have rolled a monk on Wyrmcrest Accord-US. I am in need of friends. I am from the EST zone and would love to level/game with and meet friends. My char name is hunniebear so please hit me up. Any RP/Alt guilds that would take an orphan under their wings?
I have alliance and horde characters that I would like to roll on the realm.


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