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WoW: Shadow priest
simonb wrote in wow_ladies
Zarhym has just posted on the forums; come 5.2, valor will not be reset! Apparently they still plan to convert Conquest to honor when the patch drops.

Apparently even if you're at 0 VP now you should have enough time to cap - so that's 3 resets - before the patch.

Unfortunately when we get to the Isle of the Thunder King there will not be new items we can purchase with VP - instead we'll need to earn rep with the Shado-Pan assault from killing bosses (aka no ICC trash rep runs) in normal or LFR to get ilvl 522 items. The items are spread over the rep levels though - you can get a 522 ilvl neck at neutral.

If you don't raid you can get ilvl 496 rings from the daily quest faction on the Isle once you've hit exalted.

Edit: I should note that the raid rep gear is only rep + gold at the moment - they could also add VP costs to the gear as well (eg: Avengers of Hjyal rep). If Blizzard don't then I don't see VP being much use outside of capping & you getting JP instead - if that is still on the cards, I know they've talked about it, don't know if they've implemented it yet.

The Priest Experiment
kraylessa wrote in wow_ladies
Yesterday I posted asking for advice in deciding between leveling/gearing my Priest for 5.2 LFR or focusing on Valor capping my other three raiding toons every week between now and then. I decided to go with leveling/gearing my Priest. So I've planned out the coming days and weeks to try to make sure I can achieve my new goal of getting to 90 and then ilvl 480 before the first server resets after the launch of ToT LFR, which gives me just under 4 weeks since ToT LFR opens on March 5 and I have almost that full week to hit 480 and get into LFR before the reset. My predictions for play time over the next few days are based around work and my raid schedule.

Here's the PlanCollapse )

Sorry for the second post in two days >.
ear_envy wrote in wow_ladies
I wanted to do two things with this post.. first of all show off the shirt I just got made for my impending RL meeting with my gm. It's been an on going joke in the guild that he quite never understood... when he finally did I think he may have blushed himself to death.

Shirt Under HereCollapse )

Secondly, I would like to promote our guild! El Toro Loco is a horde guild on Lothar (US). We have two raid teams with a third currently forming. I myself am going to be the main tank of the third team. We run LFRs every week, each one has a different night. We also have a nice PvP team starting. Our PvP coordinator is one of the best on our server. The guild is extremely helpful and laid back, and we have a lot of active players constantly doing PvP, heroics, quests, LFRs, you name it. We are, however, a PG-13 guild. We have a lot of family oriented type of players in the guild and sometimes even teens so we try to keep all chat in guild and vent cursing free. If anyone is looking for a new home, please let one of our officers in game know. I can promise it will be a wonderful experience. :)

Thanks for reading/looking.

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WoW: Silicone
simonb wrote in wow_ladies
As an update to my previous post about VP, I've had a bit of a poke around and have found that wowdb has the VP costs - see this page for details.

I think the key thing is that the neck you can get at neutral costs 1250VP, so holding at least that amount going into 5.2 would make sense!

Looking for Great RP Server
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
I recently decided to roll a 'for fun' toon on another server. I've always been a closet RP person - much to the amusement of the people in my guild who know this - and I'd really like an RP server. I could use some help choosing one because I'm not very good at choosing servers as evidenced by the one I am currently on. (Two more major guilds leaving the server on horde side, I wonder how bad the population issue can get. Literally can't get a sha group without going cross-realm.)

Anyway, here's some things I'm looking for:

-Quality RP
-Medium to high population. Will probably roll an alliance toon but I like a fairly balanced server.
-Healthy economy since I'll have to start over gold wise.
-Thriving PuG community (Lots of stuff to do even without having to rely on a guild, lots of fun groups forming in trade, etc.)
-Not interested in an RPPVP server.

I appreciate any suggestions.

PS. 3% on Blade Lord. *3%* Argh! Just can't survive in that second phase. Don't know what to do to push us through phase on faster to be taking less damage in the second part. Wish us luck getting it this weekend. (Though, one shot on the first boss for the first time. so yay on that.)


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