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Zul jin alliance??? Soe horde?
pride2013 wrote in wow_ladies
I transfered to the server/ alliance to play with my sister but she quit. I have spent most of my time horde ( still have horde on sisters of elune with husband)... But I am so lost alliance!!!

I have an 89 holy / shadow priest and would love to meet people to do old raids / achievements with on Zul jin.

I sadly can't commit to end game raiding with a 6 month old and a 2 year old.... But I'd like to just be able to have some fun here and there if anyone knows of channels, guilds, people???


(no subject)
ear_envy wrote in wow_ladies
 photo Vday_zps0a63be07.jpg

All the pink birds are belong to meeeeeeeeeee!!
Happy (early) Valentine's day, ladies!

Need Advice
kraylessa wrote in wow_ladies
Okay, here's the deal. I literally JUST decided to level my Priest from 85-90 starting yesterday and got about an hour into it when I heard that 5.2 is launching on the 26th. I really thought 5.2 wouldn't be until mid-March at the earliest, so this really caught me off guard and now I need to make some choices.

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