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UI Mod Monday!
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Morning, all! Coffee, tea, and cocoa are available. I hope you've all survived the winter storms in good shape.

UI/Mod stuff! We're aiming to be a bit more helpful than this...
Helpful kitten photo Icanhelp_zps5c685657.gif

So, what's up? What are you looking for? What are you working on? Have you found anything that made stuff easier?

Do tell! Or ask! Or both! We're flexible. =)

*starts passing out warm drinks*

guild sigs
naruto sas mangekyo sharingan
askani wrote in wow_ladies
im looking for signatures to start a personal vanity guild on Wyrmrest Accord [H] in the blood elf starting area, and need 3 sigs.

thanks so much for the help, and apologizes again for the brief afk! ♥


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