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Feral DPS
tainawhitesaber wrote in wow_ladies
Hello ladies and our lovely lurking mens,
  I have a question for you all.. I've been working on my feral druid Nicolasa and i can't seem to get more the 47k out of here! I've looked up the rotation, reforged her, regemed her, enchants... the whole nines! But still just 47 maybe 48 k. Any Advice on what i can do to get more??? Here is a link to her profile...

Is anyone else having issues with getting Feral up more then 50 k???

Frostwolf US - Halaa Kill Trading
kept wrote in wow_ladies
Hey there! I've recently been very smitten with the idea of actually getting the Dark Talbuk and the Dark War Talbuk. I know there are a few ladies on here who are Alliance side on Frostwolf, and I can definitely get a group of at least four or five horde side if we wanted to organise some mutual slaughter in order to build up enough battle tokens to afford the two mounts!

Is there anyone interested at all?

Commissions, again!
halogin wrote in wow_ladies
Updated the other day, also posted on my personal tumblr. I know someone previously was curious about the 'Adventure Time'-ish noodly art so I provided more examples and an actual price, since those seem to be rather popular.

Still looking to make a bit of money here, as before, so I'm still open to doing commissions! Please note that while I am willing to draw more 'animal-featured' races (like Tauren, worgen, etc) I am still not overly experienced on that front; because of this lack of practice I will definitely run a b/w sketch by you first to make sure I have the features down, should you commission the bust/head style.

I'll draw your character from RP, or your favorite fandom character, or even you or your family members! Feel free to ask if you aren't sure about something. :

Examples and pricingCollapse )


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