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Had raid tonight and . . .
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Elegon is down!!!!!

I can't believe we actually did it. Had three very close attempts and then he went down. It was awesome. Vent and guild chat absolutely exploded because we've been banging our heads against this boss for awhile now.

Awesome feeling. We also got emperors very close before one of our healers had to leave for work (does night shift) but I think we're going to clear this Saturday when we come back!!

Just had to share!! :D And thanks for all your help ladies with my questions previously regarding this boss.

Tiny tamed pet
Adam Dodgers
umbralillium wrote in wow_ladies
I rolled a panda hunter today and was incredibly excited to get her 10 so I could tame some of the animals around the turtle. The first one I went for was one of the white cranes. Tame was successful, but. Um. Is this a glitch? Or is every panda's crane like this?

My sister tamed one of the cranes on Pandaria on her main and it's not this tiny. It's almost as small as the crane battle pet (the green one). Has anyone else experienced this? I've logged out several times on Pailili and even put the crane in the stable for a bit to tame a fox and a tiger, both of which are normal sized for tames.


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