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UI Mod Monday!
Achieved coffee
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Morning, ladies and lurklemen! Happy February, we have now survived a whole month into the year that wasn't supposed to exist! ;)

For those who need a little jolt to get started this morning, I hired this guy to help us out.

 photo Spazzykitteh_zps6b783c55.gif

If the thought of him pouncing your toes doesn't get the blood moving, I can't help you. heh.

UIs! I think everything from last week got answered? Anything new? I've noticed a lot of questions in various places have been about healing - have they changed stuff to make it harder to keep track of?

Questions, comments, all the usual - what's up this week?

Hardcoeur [A] is recruiting!
lonelyarcher wrote in wow_ladies

Good morning wow_ladies! Since I have found amazing people in this community in the past, I figured this should be the first place to post a recruitment post for our raiding team. Hardcoeur is a 10 man social raiding guild on Stormrage-US, Alliance-side. Our team is currently 6/6 MV, 4/6 HoF, and 3/4 ToES. We are looking to finish up Tier 13 and maybe start some heroics before 5.2 drops.

Raid time: We raid Sunday nights from 8pm to 11pm EST. Occasionally we will throw up a second raid night up on Friday or Saturday, same times.

Recruiting: We are currently have two positions open: Ranged DPS and Healer with DPS offspec. We would prefer a warlock or boomkin for the ranged dps spot, since we are missing both from our roster. We are looking for a druid, monk, or holy priest with a raid ready dps offspec for the healer spot. If you are not one of the above classes but are still interested in applying, please do! We always make it work :) Flippable tables are definitely a plus. So is loving the color purple, but we can work around it if you don't.

Applying: To apply please fill out the application on our website: Hardcoeur. If you have any questions you can message one of our officers in game, Azelie, Tibure, and Cinabun. Or /who Hardcoeur and ask if any of us are messing around on our alts.

About Hardcoeur: Hardcoeur is a bilingual pun, and basically means "Hardcore with Heart." That said, we lean towards the Heart side much more the the Hardcore. We have fun raiding and try to do as much as we can in a night, since we mostly raid one night a week. We are a drama free social guild, and total altoholics. We expect raiders to come to raid prepared and ready to have fun smashing through bosses and getting shiny purples :D We also do older raids during the week, which we lovingly call Snark and Death runs (lots of our snark, and lots of raid boss death. Not ours :D) for transmog and achievements! We are a social guild and always welcome all types of players into our guild, not just raiders.

We hope to hear from you soon!
-Azelie/Kika, GM and totally distracted by shiny things

Commissions! :D
vesiel wrote in wow_ladies

Okay, I really hate doing this “omg help I am poor” thing, but last month my work schedule became incredibly erratic and unreliable and it’s giving me a great deal of stress. That’s why I’m looking for some help by offering my drawin’ services to you kind folks so I don’t have to eek by with only few dollars in my pocket!

Read more...Collapse )

The fine folks here at wow_ladies have been among my best customers and supporters over the years so I thought I would post here, especially since WoW characters remain one of my favorite subjects to draw.

A little about these portraits: the base price is for one character from around the shoulders-up, but you can always add more characters by adding half onto the base price (example: a two-character toony line art is $15, because half of ten is five!) I can do original characters or ones from fandom, romantic or platonic, pretty much whatever the heck you want as long as the concept is safe for work. I’ve done commissions for WoW, GW2, Avengers and a bunch of other things in the past.

Onto the prices!

Toony line art: $10. A cartoony interpretation of the character Sample

Realistic line art: $15. Less “toony”, kind of like comic book art Sample

Toony color: $15. Cartoony line art colored in cel shaded style Sample

Realistic color: $20. Realistic line art colored in. More rendered than the toony color Sample

If you are interested, e-mail me a I accept PayPal for payment.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

FemPanda Warrior Mog?
kraylessa wrote in wow_ladies
I am considering race changing my Warrior (again) before I level her to 90 and that has got me thinking about mog sets for her. Some of the plate looks great on female pandas and some of it looks terrible. So, I thought I'd open it up to some of your suggestions. Even if you don't have a full mog set planned out, if you could just suggest one or two plate pieces that you really like the look of on female pandas, I could work on building a mog set around them.


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