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Anyone else's server economy dead? REALLY dead?
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
My server has never being exactly thriving but I swear it's gotten SOOOO bad lately. All of a sudden did a nose dive. I've always done ok. I have my jc and inscriptionist plus mining and herbalism.

Golden lotus going for 20-25 gold, herbs not moving at all, blue quality gems selling for 45-55 gold, jade and red inscribed fans selling for 300-400 gold (THIS particularly gets me, these have been selling reliably at 4000-5000 on my server since xpac release and I just can't bring myself to sell something that cost me a spirit and 5 scrolls for 300 gold.) Primal diamonds 200-250 gold uncut 350-400 cut.

It's terrible. Anyone else's server suffering right now? Is it a pre-patch lull? People not getting new gear and no needing new gems/shoulder inscriptions/etc?

I'm just kind of holding onto my stuff at this point in my bank. Just can't see selling for these prices. A lot of this stuff has dropped 50-75% in price over the last two weeks. it's crazy.

Any tips to get through this insane lull or is it just a matter of waiting it out?

Just a lil prot warrior advice?
moonbeamdanser wrote in wow_ladies
So, I have a pandalady who is very "RAWRSMASHTANKALLTHETHINGS".

Back in Wrath, my main was a prot warrior, and I was damned good at it.  The playstyle, obviously, was a bit different then; I was a tab-target demon and the thought of losing aggro was laughable.

But now?  Well... I'm kinda crappy at it, for a couple big reasons that I recognize.

One, is... they seem to have changed how tab-targeting works at some point in the distant past.  I no longer can tab around and have my targeting land on the things in front of my face (which made it easier, since I, yes, am a clicker and use no keybinds.  THE HORROR.).  Now I tab-target and I end up targeting something halfway across the room and out of range, while in the meantime I lose aggro on my pack of mobs that WERE appropriately trying to nom my face because the DPS are opening up on them and I have to try to frantically click around in the mess of nameplates to get the one that is turning red.

The second, is, well... the Charge.  This has actually always been A Thing for me, but now I'm asking y'all how you deal with it.  Cuz, yeah, when I charge?  More than half the time it turns me around in the wrong frelling direction when the Charge is over, and it takes me a few seconds to turn around and get situated, you know, FACING my target(s), and again by then the DPS has gone all "LOLNUKE" on things and I'm losing aggro again.

How do all you prot warriors out there deal with the tab-target crapulosity, and the riddikulus post-Charge positioning?  I want to be less of a fail-tank for my gf, cuz while I rock the shit out of Paladins and especially DKs, this warrior is making me look like a scrub and it's *embarrassing*.

Getting to Vashj’ir
Filigree by icon_goddess
asgard wrote in wow_ladies
Hi all, was wondering if anyone could give me tips on this issue.

I picked up the starter quest to get to Vashj'ir, got as far as taking the boat, and doing a quest around the sunken boat. I think I must have then abandoned that quest.

I now find that I can't access the portal in Ogrimmar and can't find a way to get to Vashj'ir. Thought perhaps getting to it via the Tirisfal Glades flightmaster, but since I'd never been to Sandy Beach to pick up the flight path, I can't fly there either.

Help? :(


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