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Late nite 830 to 11pst recruiting :)
winyan83 wrote in wow_ladies
well i finally returned to wow im the GM yay of my guild. My loyal 3 have retained in guild we are looking to build a
solid guild once more i have like 12 good friends and alts all in sleeper modes with real life to deal with dont see them coming back anytime soon... So im hoping i can interest anyone on coming to my guild we are friendly lowkey and no drama or egos,

We raid  tues   thurs  830 to 11 servertime  i love to do heorics as a guild and older content for transmorg.. lady vashj ur going down!

so far we havnt qued up and gotten into PUG 10 yet..but we been hitting LFR and reps and vendor items i admit the other three
are far more geared then me and ready to raid :)

even if u have alts or just like to quest or jabber i wouldnt mind that ither :)

Resurgence   Echo Isles    Alliance  

* we used to do heoric tens and excell at 25 :)* just looking to get more people in guild and good times :)   is our site goes over our past vids etc and lil hello just hit me up ingame

Shryae   Wia   Igothotsforu Divaa

Need sigs, please :)
doctordonna wrote in wow_ladies
Server/Realm (US/EU): US Feathermoon
Racial starting area: Human
Your character: Ziena
How long will you be on: For a while
Guild name: Time Lords

Thank you!

All done! Thank you!!!

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