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UI Mod Monday!
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frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
No Mornings! photo no-mornings.gif

For those who have the day off and are sleeping in - enjoy!

For the rest of us... and for when they wake up...

It's UI/Mod Monday, with all the space for questions, comments, screenshots, new finds and old grievances that brings.

Did have a late question from last week -

Does anyone know of a viable, currently updated alternative for Destruction for Dummies? For those of you who used it - what have you tried and how did it work?

All else - the thread's open, come on in! =)

First post
hoodendoodle wrote in wow_ladies
Hello ladies.

Just joined you guys this morning and thought I would say hello.

Have any of you got any characters on Chamber of Aspects?? Would be cool to arrange a get together on a server and go on a raid or something.

Hope to speak to some of you soon :)


Looking for Some Guild Help
duskrider3740 wrote in wow_ladies
TL;DR Been gone for a while from this community, need suggestions on new guild on US Earthen Ring or suggestions for a new server.

I haven't posted on this community in forever, but I'm seriously getting fed up with what is happening in my current guild, so I'm thinking a change is in order, and I thought I would ask for suggestions/help here.

I currently run on US-Earthen Ring server, which is an RP server in EST time zone. I originally started out playing WoW in the Daughters of the Alliance/Horde over on Bronzebeard and have paid for several server transfers in my day before settling here. I'm in an adult only guild where I am what I like to call a junior officer, holding the rank of Mentor. I also have a few Horde characters roaming around on US Earthen Ring, Madoran, and Wyrmrest Accord. Two accounts makes having the Hordie on ER possible. 8)

My main is a 90 Blood/Unholy DK, but I also have 8 other characters at level 85 or above, with a level 51 rogue and a level 17 monk to throw in for good measure.

In Cataclysm, I had 3 dedicated raiders, and was working on a fourth until the guild I am in quit the DS runs. Raiding was enjoyable to me back then. Now, not so much. I have RL time constraints in the form of a very active 4 year old son and a husband that works nights, so my raiding has been limited to after my son goes to bed. My guild's raid leader decides, once most of our raid team had gotten to 90 and somewhat geared, to change the raid time to 7:30 pm server, from its original 8:30 pm start time, in order to include a friend of his from his old guild. I was polite, but informed him that with raid times starting at 7:30 pm, I would be unable to join in for the raids. Now, back in the day, when DS was content, I was a DPS/Tank DK. A friend of mine was the tank for the raid group I was in with my former guild, but he wanted to give it up to get the Legendary Daggers for his rogue. I offered to step in and become the raid group's tank, and when I left that group for my current guild and their group, my current raid leader assumed I was main specced tank. I corrected him of this when I found out, but it was too late, and I was asked to continue tanking. I grew so used to tanking, that I made it my main spec at the beginning of Mists, as a way to guarantee my raid leader a dedicated tank for the runs. Going back to my point, to have my raid leader change the raid time, effectively cutting me out of the runs, after I go and change myself into a dedicated tank for him, was like a slap in the face to me. Since the time change, his friend has not been back in any of the established raid runs.

Now, the raid leader has gone and switched the raid times back to the old start time, but can't get any sign ups for raids. Where we used to run dungeons as a guild for the weekly rewards, maxxing them out every week, we now no longer do that, to the point where we often don't run any. Where there used to be several people in Vent daily, I am now the only one in Vent. WoW is my only means of social interaction, and I get the feeling that this guild I am in is slowly dying around me. I feel abandoned by this guild in general and would like to possibly move before the current raids become so trivial as to not be run any longer. Anyone have any suggestions for guilds on Earthen Ring server, or a server to possibly move to when I get my tax refund? I'd like something that is in Eastern time preferably, but Central time is also an option. Raiding after 8pm is a plus, but I'm not a hard core raider. Active, friendly guilds are a plus, and interest in Pet Battling is also a positive mark, as I like to organize guild tournaments. Looking forward to hearing suggestions!


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